Center for the Long View – why scenario design?

We believe that consulting must be holistic and objective. This requires the right mix of human intuition and artificial intelligence

CLV - Why scenario design?

The advantages at a glance

Scenario design offers a number of unique possibilities, so the method is preferable to traditional forecasts in many cases:

  • Improves your strategies and make decisions on a comprehensive basis
    • Strategies are more robust and flexible
    • Strategy implementations are more certain
    • Coordination with internal and external stakeholders is made easier
  • Makes risks and opportunities transparent
    • External dangers and their implications are comprehensively identified
    • Risks can be turned into opportunities
    • The development of products and / or product features is facilitated by the anticipation of customer behavior, market developments, and technology trends
  • Extends your skills
    • Install reliable systems to monitor market developments
    • Makes use of a comprehensive resource network for the analysis of market developments
    • Supports the ability to evolve internal processes in response to market developments

Typical applications are:

  • Development of future-oriented strategies
  • Risk evaluation
  • Future-proof financial models
  • Convincing decision-makers and investors
  • Convincing employees
  • Improving coordination between business units

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Dr. Florian Klein

Dr. Florian Klein

Director, Head of the Center for the Long View

Dr. Florian Klein is an advisor, corporate strategist and futures thinker with extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and ... Mehr