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Sammlung der Predictions der letzten Jahre

Die „Deloitte TMT Predictions“ befragen jährlich hunderte Industry Leader und über 10.000 Konsumenten weltweit und bieten einen Ausblick auf die aktuellen Branchentrends in den Marktsegmenten Telekommunikation, Medien und Technologie (TMT). Hier finden Sie eine vollständige Sammlung der Reports der letzten Jahre.

Deloitte Global Predictions 2017

For the first time predictions for all three sectors are included together, and not splitted, as we had done in prior years. This reflects TMT’s evolution: with every year the overlap between these sectors has become greater, and multiple predictions are relevant to more than one sector. Assigning a prediction to a specific sector had in some instances become misleading. So from this year on, all topics are part of the same list. 

The introduction of dedicated machine learning capability to smartphones is relevant to all industry sectors, not just the technology or telecommunications verticals. Faster mobile networks, as well as dedicated Internet of Things networks, both of which will be enabled by 5G networks, are again universally relevant. The mainstream ubiquity of biometric sensors, mostly in the form of fingerprint readers on smartphones, could revolutionize authentication. Cybersecurity is an evergreen topic to all sectors; understanding the threat of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is particularly relevant in 2017 for reasons. Understanding device adoption trends, including consumer attitudes to tablet computers, is key for any company with an online presence. The growth of IT-as-a-Service is important to all companies with IT spend: in other words, almost every company. 

A second change is to include medium term predictions, looking out into the next decade. Some developments, such as the deployment of 5G cellular networks, the introduction of automatic emergency braking, and the use of indoor navigation will likely take years to manifest fully, but it is as important to understand the implications of these topics in 2017, as it will be over the coming years. 

We have maintained a sector focus too. The TV market remains the most important part of the media industry, and its output is increasingly strategic to technology and telecommunications companies. This year we explain the US TV advertising market’s resilience in the face of, and because of, digital. We also contextualize one much-publicized counter-trend: the rise of vinyl.


  • Prints charming: biometric security reaches the billions
  • DDoS attacks enter the terabit era
  • Safety first: the road to self-driving starts with a stop
  • 5G: a revolution in evolution, even in 2017
  • Brains at the edge: machine learning goes mobile
  • The great indoors: the final frontier for digital navigation
  • TV advertising in the US: flat is the new up
  • Have we reaches peak tablet?
  • Vynil: the billion-dollar nostalgic niche
  • IT-as-a-Service: the half trillion dollar 'niche'


Further details: Please find relevant findings for the German market of the TMT Predictions 2017 here.

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