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Agile and DevOps relate to a mindset with specific principles around a new way of working as well as iterative and incremental product development leading to a faster time to market, happier employees and increased throughput. Deloitte is a pre-eminent Agile advisor and a leading expert on Agile, providing tailored solutions across various organizations and industries. With this blog we want to share trends, latest discussions as well as insights from our work and point of view on the combined topics of Agile and DevOps.

Deloitte´s Lean Change Method

From Jana von Wulfen, Alina Zimmer

In order to exploit all of the expected benefits of a transformation, we need to change how we approach change management – starting with a commitment to transparency. This is why we have implemented the "Lean Change" method for a variety of change programs, initiatives and projects, both in collaboration with our clients and internally. More...

Assessing Your Organization’s Agile Maturity

From Lukas Haupt, Stefan Volk

Deloitte developed the Organizational Agile Maturity Assessment (OAMA), which assists organizations in starting and monitoring the transformation toward an agile organization. It assesses the initial agile readiness and maturity of your company, identifies the dimensions and factors that need to be considered during the transformation, tracks the progress of the transformation and readjusts to new emerging objectives. More...

The Wind of Change or Why You Need to Build A Windmill...

From Fred Ly, Bernhard Lichtinger, Melanie Flennert

Deloitte has established three dedicated Agile Service Offerings in line with our customers’ demands: Agile Consulting, Agile Coaching, DevOps. Each of our Agile Service Offerings teams works on prioritized client requests. More...

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