Fast IT: Digital Effectiveness

From Factory IT to Right-Speed IT

The megatrend of digital transformation requires a radical reconceptualization of enterprise IT, where Right-Speed IT often is reached after having established a Two-Speed IT – the bimodal IT approach. This IT approach is based on an efficiency driven Factory IT and an innovation-driven Fast IT. Together they create Digital Effectiveness.

(1) Business Perspective: CIOs will fail to set up Fast IT as an IT Project

Fast IT is not only a matter of IT organization – it is a topic of digital transformation requiring an integrated business-IT approach. Factory IT and Fast IT projects following a common digital strategy, where business and IT merge into Business Relationship Management and digital projects.

(2) Organizations Operations: Factory IT & Fast IT comprise distinct approaches and roles

The bimodal organization provides the right balance between efficiency-driven and inno-vation-driven approaches and roles. There is no universal organizational setup for Fast IT. Instead, the right structure has to be chosen on a case-by-case basis and will range from project organization to spin-off incubators or start-ups.

(3) DevOps Governance: A functioning Fast IT is dependent on DevOps

Ops in DevOps are not just Factory IT Operations as we have known it for decades. Advanced approaches for 1st and 2nd level support are needed. DevOps is enabled by technology but also implies an organizational change to Factory IT.

(4) Open API Enabler: Open APIs are the next evolution in 3rd Party integration

An effective implementation of Open APIs can boost sales and revenues. IT Organizations must pass through an API maturity path following a defined strategic program. Open API ­Governance keeps track of the API lifecycle and the related contracts and SLAs

From Factory IT to Right-Speed IT

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