Introducing Deloitte In-Time


Introducing Deloitte In-Time

The first and only SAP HANA optimization add-on

To help customers avoid costly scale-out or scale-up investments into SAP HANA hardware for the purpose of short and stable response time, Deloitte has developed an innovative approach to calculations for high-load analytic scenarios.

The real-time approach to calculations in high-load analytic environment is either enormously costly and can still lead to unpleasant delays in response times. The innovative methodology and software developed by Deloitte – called as In-Time add-on – leverages the existing hardware capacities so that the best possible balance between hardware consumption, response times, data freshness and customer satisfaction is achieved. Why In-Time? That’s because the end user gets the necessary reports in time, just as he or she queries them, and the precalculations for reports are also made in time, according to the customer’s expectations of data freshness.

The methodology covered by this approach is innovative and can be called logical partitioning as it involves dynamic selection of semantic partitions for calculations based on the minimal resource consumption for calculation of those partitions. With logical partitioning the need for scale-out or scale-up minimizes as the computing resources are used in the best possible way. Besides, the In-Time add-on does not require a separate server as it can run as a j2ee application and is fully integrated into the SAP HANA platform.

The In-Time add-on consists of the In-Time Server, which is responsible for calculations based on logical partitioning, and the In-Time Workbench to monitor and manage the runtime objects. Apart from that, the In-Time add-on has a number of applications to visualize the consumption of computing resources by SAP HANA and by individual applications, to monitor and visualize other SAP HANA performance identifiers such as calculation time and throughput, and to visualize the effectiveness of partitioning.

Deloitte In-Time add-on can be applied for various use cases of high-load analytic scenarios, such as IoT, sentiment analysis, material valuation or financial reporting, that is for use cases which cause high consumption of computing resources owing to large data volumes involved into calculations, intensive concurrent user requests and complex algorithms. One of the In-Time applications, which arose from a financial reporting use case, was certified at SAP® ICC and can be found in a SAP Partner Catalog.
Don’t hesitate to try the In-Time add-on for your SAP HANA system or use one of the In-Time applications to get insights into what is going on in SAP HANA.

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