Introducing the Deloitte IoT Dash Button

Have you ever felt the need to contact someone quickly but writing an email or even picking up a phone was to elaborate? Deloitte is here to help you at the push of a single button.

From Thiemo Eberle & David Kleinmann


Just imagine Bob. Bob’s company has already implemented some IoT use cases, but somehow it is not providing the desired benefit. He visits a conference, where he gets in touch with Deloitte and receives the IoT Dash Button. Bob gets encouraged to press the IoT Dash Button at any time, whenever he needs support in IoT related questions. The lack of comprehensive integrated IoT at Bob’s company leads more and more to a lack in the offered customer experience. To take action, Bob pushes the IoT Dash Button to send out an SMS to the Deloitte IoT lead – without efforts. Noticing immediately, Deloitte’s IoT lead gets directly in touch with Bob to support end-to-end in IoT related scaling questions.


The IoT Dash Button’s beating heart is a single-board microcontroller that springs into action at your push of the button. It immediately transfers a message to the integrated GSM module that in turn sends out a SMS to the respective deposited Deloitte IoT contact. The system is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which will last years on a single charge, but can also be recharged with any Micro-USB charging cable should it run low. The case consists of a 3D printed shell - using the rapid prototyping expertise of Deloitte’s Digital Factory.