IoT Newsflash 06/2018

In our sixth Internet of Things Newsflash we cover recent news and updates from the international IoT space. Both HPE and Microsoft provided Edge computing news while the IIC announced a new testbed and Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics made their cooperation public. Additionally, a NelsonHall study examined the current state of IoT projects and a survey by Plataine/ highlighted current digital factory trends.

From Kaja Andritzke

HPE to invest $4 billion in intelligent edge – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a four year plan for investing $4 billion in intelligent Edge technologies and services built on data insights. As part of the announcement Antonio Neri, HPE’s president and CEO, stressed the importance of data in today’s business and provided an outlook for edge-to-cloud architecture.

Microsoft makes Azure IoT Edge generally available – Microsoft announced that Azure IoT Edge is now generally available (GA) globally for their enterprise customers. In addition, IoT Edge is now open sourced and available on Microsoft’s recent acquisition GitHub.

IIC announces Smart Printing Factory testbed with Fujifilm – The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced the Smart Printing Factory (SPF) Testbed led by Fujifilm and supported by Fujitsu, IBM, Real-Time Innovations and Toshiba. This testbed and its Smart Printing Factory Platform are intended to automate print production as well as provide predictive maintenance for factory-based printing equipment.

Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics team up – The two companies signed a collaboration agreement focusing on industrial IoT as part of the “Logistics 4.0” field. The collaboration consists of both a technological and a commercial component, which means that Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics intend to develop both new products in the field of LTE networks as well as new business together.

NelsonHall study “IoT Services: Continued Focus on Use Cases” – The new NelsonHall study examined the current state of implemented IoT projects across organizations. The report found that most organizations are focusing on incremental adjustments rather than transforming entire business models. Improving operations and enhancing existing offerings have been identified as main goals of current IoT projects.

Digital manufacturing survey by Plataine and – The joint survey conducted by IIoT solution provider Plataine and questioned 400 C-level members of the manufacturing industry and illuminates current trends in Industry 4.0 and the digital factory environment.