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IT Effectiveness

We support our clients to define the role of their IT, to make their IT ready to enable the business’ digitization, to transform their IT to a customer-orientated one and to establish a service orchestration. We do this by providing end-to-end services based on our interdisciplinary capabilities, best practice assets and industry insights

Key Questions

  1. What is the value contribution of my IT?
  2. How can I improve the flexibility with the right speed of IT?
  3. Is my IT ready for digitization?
  4. How can I protect my digital assets?

Our Answers

1) Fast IT

Implement the clients’ digital agenda with the right organizational setup. Be digital effective, develop and operate customer centric in close collaboration with business. Leverage approaches like DevOps and Open API. Deloitte provides guidance for your individual journey to Right-Speed IT.

Service Offerings
  • Right Speed IT Assessment: Where do you want to position your IT Organization to make it Digitally Effective?

    Based on client’s strategy, a discussion on the dimensions of the Right-Speed IT framework leads to the identification of dedicated roadmap initiatives
  • Agile Culture Transformation: Is your organizational culture ready to start the journey to a Right-Speed IT?

    With the Deloitte CulturePath Framework & Transformation Approach, we can support your organization achieving the journey to a Right-Speed IT
  • DevOps Transformation: How to create an end-to-end team responsibility for development and operations of an application?

    We will support your iterative DevOps transformation journey as an E2E service from the organizational transformation to technology delivery
  • Open API Enablement: How to reduce IT costs and tap on revenue with new digital business models through (Open) APIs?

    We help you to navigate and leverage an API architecture to create a seamless customer experience and decouple silo backend-frontend-systems.

2) IT Organization & TOM

Build an IT target operation model (TOM) and organization, aligned with the organization’s strategy and industry trends

3) IT Service Management

Support clients to develop and implement efficient process models, leveraging relevant reference frameworks and Deloitte good practice

4) Service Now

Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow help clients strengthen the alignment of enterprise services with business needs and optimize their digital platform strategy

5) IT Financial Management

Achieve cost and revenue transparency as well as efficiency in demand and delivery and provide guidance on influencing cost drivers

6) IT Security & Compliance

Safeguard digital assets by using a lean information security approach that balances compliance, risk and IT efficiency