The Next-Best X (NB(x)): Automated Decision-Making 

Good and accurate decisions are vital to the achievement of a firm’s goals and corporate success. Decision-making is usually not one-dimensional, but rather complex and based on a range of factors and data inputs. These conditions can be a challenge for human decision makers and pose as an ideal use case for Artificial Intelligence technology which can automate and support decision-making in various ways. Deloitte’s Next-Best X (NB(x)) solution can be used for various decision-making scenarios across a multitude of industries.

Despite the importance of optimized and automated decision-making processes, many companies are lacking these capabilities. Decision makers can easily misinterpret information or miss hidden patterns in data sets that humans cannot perceive as well as an algorithm. Thus, decision-making processes not only tend to produce inaccurate decisions, but they are also time consuming and resource intensive. The key to making better and faster decisions is a combination of well thought-out, guided applications and using Predictive Analytics leveraging both historical and external data.

Deloitte’s Next-Best X (NB(x)) solution can be used for various decision-making scenarios across a multitude of industries. The advantages your company will gain by implementing our automated decision-making solution are illustrated through a specific use case: classifying new clients by risk and automatically calculating insurance product offers.


With the help of NB(x) based on Predictive Analytics, Deloitte enables clients to optimize and highly accelerate their entire decision-making process through automation from start to finish while also improving profitability through the following optimizations:

  • Modern applications that guide users through all necessary steps of a process and collect relevant, required information to make accurate decisions
  • Real-time decisions with an immediate result 
  • Reduced process costs by automating the decision process, which requires less personnel and less manual input (time) per decision
  • Machine Learning algorithms support the decision-making process by leveraging historical and current data which leads to consistent and more accurate decisions

Value Proposition

Integrating Machine Learning models into business applications and processes will eliminate manual effort, time and human errors by automating a data-driven decision-making process.

The proposed solution will therefore allow decision-making processes to become lean, simple, accelerated and highly automated. Increased accuracy and consistency of decisions achieved through the ingestion of the predictive engine’s outcome will furthermore contribute to the company’s bottom line.


Deloitte’s NB(x) is a holistic solution that offers our clients an integrated and intelligent modern Web Application automating the entire decision-making process from data collection (user input) and decision (prediction) to sales closing. Furthermore, it has been implemented as a module and is therefore easily extendible with a flexible reporting solution that provides business users with insights about customers and sales.

NB(x) is a customizable cloud solution based on latest technology designed to embed advanced analytics into the decision-making process. The modern Web Application offers great user experience with guidance through the entire process including a wide range of input help and plausibility checks.

At the core of the solution is our modular component “Machine Learning & Predictive Engine” in a cloud-based environment which integrates relevant data and is combinable with various frontend tools if desired. The engine runs in the background and takes historical and manual data entered by users through the frontend as inputs. Based on the inputs, risk classifications take place in a first step. These results then influence the price calculation of product offers. Once results are displayed to users in the Web Application, they are able to choose from the offers and complete the process with the payment and confirmation.

The integration of machine learning and predictive models, facilitated by the solution, significantly simplifies the decision-making process through automation and ensures the company’s future economic success by making accelerated decisions with higher accuracy.

The presented solution belongs to our Decision Process Optimization offering, which bundles solutions that simplify and automate decision-making by using Advanced Analytics.

Why Deloitte?

At Deloitte, we combine deep understanding of your business model with technical excellence, best practices and continuous innovation, being connected to a world-wide network of experts. As outlined above, we have created a unique solution to optimize your decision making process. Teaming up with experts from strategy and analytics consulting, we offer you a flexible and tailored solution to leverage the full potential of your data.

Please reach out to our contacts below to learn more about our Decision Process Optimization or NB(x). We are happy to provide you with further details or to do a live demonstration of our solutions.

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