Integrated rule-based (financial) planning with SAP BPC 10.x


Integrated rule-based (financial) planning with SAP BPC 10.x

Reaching a new level

Today, most medium and large-sized companies are facing a challenging economic environment with fast-changing markets and enormous cost pressure along the entire value chain. Given this situation, the expectations of and demands on a group-wide integrated planning and forecasting process and its technical support through state-of-the-art software are becoming more and more important.

Key factors for a highly-integrated planning solution

With its BW- and/or HANA-based strategic planning solution ”BPC”, SAP delivers a flexible and highly performing (in-memory) product to support highly-sophisticated planning processes for mid-sized and large-sized companies. When running on HANA, it additionally enhances performance which can turn out to be an important factor in complex planning surroundings.

However, performance is only part of the story. Apart from the standard functionalities of SAP BPC there are additional key drivers that have a significant effect on the outcome of an implementation project:

  • Level of integration of all partial plans involved
  • Degree of automation of customer independent business logic
  • Ability to maintain the logic set by the business users themselves
  • Flexibility with regard to customer-specific logic

Only in combination the highest benefit can be reached to enhance the accuracy and credibility of the outcome optimally. Exactly here the Deloitte specific content comes into play.

Deloittes´ predefined content for SAP BPC helps you reaching the next level of integrated (financial) planning

The Deloitte-specific content consists of three well-coordinated components:

  • Optimized data model as a fundament for generally valid business logic
  • Customer-independent logic layer ready for adaption (rule engine and additional standard business logics)
  • Standard planning, reporting, and administration templates that will be customized during the implementation project

Components of Deloitte-specific content

Customer benefits at a glance

(1) Integration and automation
Group-wide planning & forecasting at the highest level of integration and automation between separate upstream plans and financial statements (BS, P&L, CF)

(2) Strategic solution
Based on SAP's strategic product for planning & consolidation (“SAP BPC”), it represents a future-proof investment

(3) Usability
Fully maintainable by business users (e.g. controllers)

(4) Functional scope
Remarkable list of customer-independent core functionalities integrated into a high performance logic layer ready for deployment

(5) Cloud and mobile compatibility
Based on SAP's strategic planning solution, it offers the same range of compatibility with regard to cloud and mobile services

(6) Planning effectiveness
By processing generally valid business rules, it helps by shortening planning processes, harmonizing reporting, and simplifying intra-group communications


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Partner Technology | Deloitte Consulting

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Manager Technology | Deloitte Consulting

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