SAP S/4 HANA Finance for retailers


A different world – SAP S/4HANA® Finance for retailers

Reshaping Finance in the Retail industry

If finance executives from other industries were to trade places with their peers in Retail for a day, the transition would likely be jarring. They share many of the same goals, of course — starting with the need to provide the business with current, actionable information in time to drive decision making. But finance leaders in retail have a number of big obstacles to that goal built directly into their business model — starting with the need for daily financial reporting across wide networks of stores and channels.

In the realm of retail, pulling together actionable information for decision-making is no small feat. A wide range of variables — geographies, market segments, stores, products, functions, you name it — make the task deeply complex. Meanwhile, the pressure is on for finance teams within retail organizations, as retailers expand markets and channels to deliver consistent customer experiences in an industry that’s prone to volatility and market-entry barriers. With solutions such as SAP® S/4 HANA Finance, leaders in retail can start changing the equation — to run the finance organization from a centralized, consolidated platform that can offer one source of the truth in finance.

This article explores issues that are reshaping finance in the Retail industry through SAP S/4 HANA Finance capabilities.

AP S/4 HANA Finance for retailers
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