SAP S/4HANA® Enterprise Management

Taking advantage of new features

Simplification across the board: from IT landscapes to easy-to-use business transactions, from modern and intuitive web-based user interfaces with one-click solutions for operations control to faster processing times for all kinds of business application. Such is the promise of SAP S/4HANA.

Deloitte’s Top 5 Features for SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain

At Deloitte we believe this promise will become reality in all areas of business – sales, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics. Deloitte evaluated SAP S/4HANA and did test the new features in areas where we expect improvements for your business needs.
We would like to share our top 5 picks, which may help you to improve your logistics processes.

1. Modern user interfaces and new user experiences
2. A fast MRP run that meets your performance needs
3. One business transaction to create a vendor and customer master for the selfsame company
4. A new satisfying graphical planning table for production orders
5. Material numbers longer than 18 characters

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Peter Dengel
Director | Deloitte Enterprise Applications

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