Trufa Analytics Application


Trufa – AI for Enterprise Performance

An Analytics Application for the Digital Enterprise

Trufa is an analytics application that provides insights about business optimization in the enterprise in high speed and precision. In the past, Analytics meant to aggregate numbers into metrics, turn them into pies and bars, and perhaps even calculate trend lines. The complex, but value-adding work – namely to derive insights and actions from the information – has to be done by humans.

Deloitte Digital presents Trufa

What is special about Trufa?

Trufa is made for the business user with business know-how. Data scientist or data engineering knowledge may be helpful but is not required.

In contrast to traditional BI offerings, which only offer visualization of facts, Trufa delivers analysis of the content of data, it delivers the hypothesis as well as reasons. Trufa hat built-in knowledge of the semantic of SAP ERP including its customizing.

Based on the thorough understanding of business processes, Trufa works as an electronic advisor and highlights areas with potential improvement either in economic outcome or in improvements and simplification of processes.

Trufa Application Desktop

Trufa - Functional Overview

Trufa helps you get full transparency about your enterprise performance and automatically identify optimization potentials based on cash and profitability.


Prescriptive Analytics: Opportunity Identification
Automatic discovery of process optimization potentials


  • Let AI and advanced statistics discover concrete process optimization opportunities including respective scope, drivers and economic potentials.
  • Search optimization opportunities as easy as Google.


Predictive Analytics: Impact Simulation
Simulate the impact of process changes to your cash and profit


  • Identify what will happen to your cash and profit situation if process drivers are improved.
  • Set realistic targets for your process performance.
  • Get process optimization recommendations based on the prior process performance in your organization


Diagnostic Analytics: Root-cause Analysis
Identify relevant patterns in your processes


  • Analyze data patterns to uncover causes for process variants – in seconds instead of combining 500 pivot tables.
  • Identify automatically data clusters to discover causes for processes to be more efficient.


Descriptive Analytics: Data Visualization
Create transparency about what happened in your processes


  • Analyze processes ad hoc without any individual modeling of data preparation.
  • Slice and dice in any dimension with one click.
  • Visualization always highlights the economically important drivers.
  • Perform deep-dive analysis down to the individual document level.


Business Alerts: The Future of Reporting
Forget about eyeball scanning of hundreds of reports per month. Just Automate.


  • Monitor-based alerts for performance indicators.
  • Report-based alerts to get information about defined business occurrences, e.g., if process compliance is impacted.
  • TPI-based alerts to monitor changes in opportunities.
  • Receive e-mails at the frequency of your choice and share with others as necessary.
  • APIs to connect to other apps.

Trufa Use Cases

Compliance, Efficiency & Simplification of Enterprise Processes
Business processes are a key element in organizing enterprises. Accordingly, they are crucial when it comes to improving the economic outcome of the enterprise. This is why implementing processes in an ERP system requires plenty of effort and consideration. However, measuring the quality of enterprise processes and learning how to improve based on such measurements presents a challenge as well.

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Working Capital & Cash Management
Identification of opportunities to reduce inventory, optimization of payment terms or accounts receivable & payable

Revenue & Margin Growth
Optimization of profits by analyzing customer satisfaction, product profitability, or pricing

Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy/Drivers
Identification of low performing products, plants, countries, or complexity reduction potentials

Supply Chain Optimization & Strategic Sourcing
Optimization of supplier network, inventory levels and purchase prices, analysis of customer payment history or plant profitability

Target Setting & Planning Support
Identification of realistic targets, of profit drivers and simulation of impacts of measures

S/4HANA Implementation Preparation
Identification of current ERP usage patterns, configuration complexity and their business benefits

Trufa Analytics Application Use Cases

The Science Inside - Whitepapers

The Trufa application combines multiple advanced statistical methods and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to discover and evaluate process optimization potentials. In his whitepapers, Prof. Dr. Andreas Mielke describes some of these methods.

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Artificial Intelligence and ERP

A Bitkom positioning paper (paper in German)
“The integration and use of artificial intelligence will significantly change the ERP landscape and become an essential competitive factor.”

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