Deloitte Digital @DMEXCO 2018

Europe’s most important international fair for digital business

“Bridging the disconnection” is our theme at this year's DMEXCO with which we throw a spotlight on how our industry intelligence, tech excellence & creative traction combine to deliver true and sustainable end-2-end experiences for you. And watch out to see Deloitte Digital at the DMEXCO conference stages!

Cologne, 12–13 September 2018

About the conference

Two days full of inspiration, best-in-class speaker, intriguing panel discussions and the latest in digital innovation. That´s DMEXCO 2018. Meet our experts at the Deloitte Digital booth for a deep dive into creative digital consultancy. Or visit one of our Connecting Sessions to learn more about how scenario design will make corporates' future more manageable or how dogs' health goes digital (every day at 10 & 12 a.m. and 2 & 4 p.m.).

And don´t miss Alicia Hatch (CMO, Deloitte Digital) and Jocelyn Lee (Head of Media Strategy and Ad Technology at Deloitte Digital/HEAT) as panelists on the DMEXCO stages on topics such as “The future of creative digital consultancy” or “Breaking the Traditional Agency Silos: Changing the Work in the Digital Economy”.

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When & where
12–13 September 2018
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne

Hall 6.1, Stand B-028


Your Contact

Florian Schültke

Florian Schültke

Lead Partner Deloitte Digital Studios

Florian Schültke ist Lead Partner der Deloitte Digital Studios in Deutschland. Mit mehr als 20 Jahren professioneller Beratungserfahrung liegen seine Schwerpunkte in der Entwicklung und Leitung global... Mehr

Recommended DMEXCO reading list

Digital maturity as a success factor 

The digital maturity of a company has a decisive influence on how well it can compete against the competition in the market. The current joint study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Insights shows: The further a company has progressed in the process of digital evolution, the more effective it is in being able to develop digital leadership in the company and to continuously experiment with innovations to react faster to the market. Learn more 


Efficient customer targeting with data driven marketing 

Addressing the right users at the right time, moving them to a specific action with the right message in the right place, offline and online is one of the biggest challenges companies face today and in the future. The use of a data management platform is an important prerequisite for achieving an efficient, individual customer approach with data driven marketing. Learn more




Connected Store – The digital shopping experience

Data-driven approaches are the future of stationary retail. On the one hand, internet giants impose major challenges on traditional retailers but on the other hand, the online pure plays with their data-driven strategies offer conventional retailers inspiration that can help to prepare their own businesses for the future. Deloitte shows which options companies have now – from a technological and strategic perspective. Learn more



Point of Sale design optimization with neuroscientific methods

Insights into human behavior and decision-making processes of customers are a key success factor in retail trade. It is important for companies to understand the perception of shop design, in-store marketing and price promotions at the point of sale. Neuroscientific methods help companies to increase their customer understanding and to create convincing shopping experiences. A study of the Neuroscience Institute shows how to create effective marketing measures and price. Learn more


Deloitte Tech Trends 2018: „The Symphonic Enterprise“

The ninth "Deloitte Tech Trends" report highlights the new technologies that organizations are taking advantage of to promote innovation and growth. The report shows how organizations that orchestrate the interaction of these disruptive technologies can create greater added value throughout the enterprise. Learn more



TMT Predictions 2018

The "Deloitte TMT Predictions" offer an annual outlook on current trends in the TMT industry. Augmented reality, machine learning, digital media subscriptions and in-flight connectivity are considered the top trends for 2018. Significant progress is also being made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI): New chip types make AI applications much faster and companies are stepping up their commitment. Learn more



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