Deloitte Digital @DMEXCO 2019

Europe’s most important international fair for digital business

"Elevating the Human Experience" is this year's theme at Deloitte Digital. We invite you to discover how we combine human-centric creativity with tech know-how and industry intelligence. Watch out for our expert talks, interactive installation and brand-new publications at the Deloitte Digital booth.

Cologne, 11–12 September 2019

About the conference

At DMEXCO 2019, you will be able to truly touch and feel our Business Creativity: with our interactive installation using smart textile multitouch in 3D, you can explore the world of Deloitte Digital in unexpected ways. It's a symbiotic digital experience.

Our Deloitte Digital experts and partners will bring the next digital trends to the stage: What is InstaBranding and what does it have to do with neuroscientific research? Why do companies look for narrative experiences and which role do AR and VR play in it?

When & where
11-12 September 2019
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne

Hall 6.1., Stand B-041


Experience exciting discussions at our booth (Wednesday every hour from 10 PM to 4 PM, additional talks on Thursday at 12 PM, 1 PM & 3 PM) or watch the livestream on Facebook.

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Interview with Florian Schültke and Daniel Könnecke on DMEXCO 2019

Deloitte Digital partners Florian Schültke and Daniel Könnecke talk about their expectations for DMXCO 2019 and give an outlook on the topics Deloitte Digital will present this year. Click here to read more

Digital transformation and new business models 

Click here to read our interview with Nikolay Kolev and Lars Lüke

Recommended DMEXCO Reading List

How the right CX Operating Model can pave the way to future success

On the new competitive ground of delivering superior experiences, a dedicated operating model is crucial to successfully transform a company’s vision into tangible benefits for both, the customers and for the company itself. In its recently published point of view, Deloitte illustrates which underlying patterns must be considered when designing a new CX Operating Model and what it takes to implement it successfully across the organization. Read more.


Building Customer Relationships in the Digital Landscape

In today’s world, the digital transformation forces companies of all sizes and industries to constantly reevaluate their business. In this process, an effective customer relationship management takes a key role and is one of the vital levers to successfully enable a company’s business strategy. Based on multiple expert interviews across Germany, the current Deloitte Digital CRM Study 2.0 displays current challenges and trends in this area, while providing hands on best practices to unfold the full potential of human centered CRM. Read more.

Agenda, 11 September

Hour Speaker Topic
10.00-10.30 Daniel Könnecke & Nadine Neubauer InstaBranding. Inspire, Discover, Buy: How to Create Brands Tailored to the Opportunities of Instagram
11.00-11.30 Lars O. Lüke & Alex Hagemann PreZero: Transforming the bottom line. A real-life scenario of digital business building
12.00-12.30 Max König & Anja Kischkat Unilever: We love Data. How Data Driven Marketing transforms a FMCG company
13.00-13.30 Jocelyn Lee, Randy Browning & Daniel Könnecke HEAT AI: How AI Supercharges Creativity.
Winning share of culture with predictive AI
14.00-14.30 Max König & Julika Gohla Google: Creative Effectiveness. Build for attention
15.00-15.30 Christian Klöppel & Sandra Klein, Jan Wiemann, Hans Martin Hermann How Ista conquered the B2C market.Learnings on how to open up new markets by digital means
16.00-16.30 Mike John Otto & Daniel Könnecke Narrative Experiences. How to Convert Users into Fans with Culture Driven Experiences

Agenda, 12 September

Hour Speaker Topic
12.00-12.30 Vincent Kyas & Thilo Többens Leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud with NeuroBranding
Optimization of digital end customer communication using neuroscience
13.00-13.30 Vincent Kyas & Martina Dodl Data-Driven Marketing & Neurobranding
From implicit needs to digital targeting
15.00-15.30 Michaela Wallner, Jens Krisinger & Henning Güldenstein
CRM meets Communication
Empowering Marketing and Communication with Salesforce

Your Contact

Florian Schültke

Florian Schültke

Offering Lead Advertising & Brand Experience

Florian Schültke ist Lead Partner der Deloitte Digital Studios in Deutschland. Mit mehr als 20 Jahren professioneller Beratungserfahrung liegen seine Schwerpunkte in der Entwicklung und Leitung global... Mehr

Daniel Könnecke

Daniel Könnecke

Lead The Garage, Lead Innovation & Incubation

Daniel Könnecke ist seit April 2018 Partner bei Deloitte Digital. Durch seine fast 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Marketing, Design und Innovationsmanagement berät er Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen... Mehr

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