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What Deloitte Digital is all about: Elevating the Human Experience

We are the creative digital consultancy. We are Deloitte Digital. By fusing creativity and technology, we connect customers with businesses in a better way.

Each path starts and ends with our customers, understanding their drive to then shape the business around it. We look beyond the buyers, to the humans, anticipating what will really matter to them. We marry industry intelligence and technology excellence, analysis and design thinking to create digital customer experiences that last. 

This is what we call: Elevating the Human Experience.

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Our partners have our backs. With the full power of the world’s leading technologies, we accelerate faster and at scale. In a changing world, we have a growing responsibility. Only when purpose, sustainability and impact come together, can we elevate human experiences. 

We imagine, deliver and run the future of businesses. We are Deloitte Digital. 

Deloitte Digital by numbers

  • 48 studios and counting
  • 29 countries and a lot more nationalities
  • 9000 colleagues who share the same mission



Understanding the digital space and preparing for what’s next is at our core. We help clients reimagine how profits are made, and how relationships are created and managed. We reshape how work gets done, and rewire the competitive fabric of entire industries.

Selecting some or all of our digital capabilities connects you to our strategic experience, agile delivery methods, and innovative thinking, with digital enabling technologies. The foundry can help you build, enable, and scale your digital abilities, culture, and talent.


More information regarding our capabilities can be found on our Deloitte Digital website.

Deloitte Digital Publications

In numerous publications, Deloitte Digital regularly provides insights into digital trend topics such as Digital Leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Data Driven Marketing, Design Thinking, Digital Retail and Digital Customer Experience. Learn more...

We Are Deloitte Digital

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Egbert Wege

Egbert Wege

Portfolio Lead Customer & Marketing

Egbert Wege leitet als verantwortlicher Partner unserer Offering Portfolio Customer & Marketing und den Bereich Retail. Sein Beratungsschwerpunkt liegt auf den Themen der digitalen Transformation, Pla... Mehr