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Part business, part creative, part technology.                                      One hundred percent digital. 

Deloitte Digital has created a new model for a new age: the creative digital consultancy. By packaging the power of the firm, we’re transforming the digital journey in ways an agency or traditional consultancy cannot.

Selecting some or all of our digital capabilities connects you to our strategic experience, agile delivery methods, and innovative thinking, with digital enabling technologies. The foundry can help you build, enable, and scale your digital abilities, culture, and talent.


Brand innovation, content, and connected experiences are more important than ever. Creativity is a behavior, not a tool, and it must be practiced by the whole organization, not just one department. That’s why we infuse creative thinking, perspectives and services into everything we do to challenge expectations and solve the problems of our clients and their customers.


Digital is no longer just about technology – it’s a new way of thinking, that’s integral across the business – not specific to a silo or function. That’s why our digital transformation strategies create effective courses of action, experiences to engage the customer, and integrate clients’ front and back offices to help them survive and flourish in the future.


We are anchored by the capabilities and relationships of the world’s largest consultancy. We combine leading digital and creative capabilities with the deep knowledge, business strategy, technology experience, and data-driven analysis for which Deloitte is known. Using cutting-edge approaches embedded with industry experience, we help companies anticipate and innovate to seize new business opportunities.


Understanding the digital space and preparing for what’s next is at our core. We help clients reimagine how profits are made, and how relationships are created and managed. We reshape how work gets done, and rewire the competitive fabric of entire industries.

Selecting some or all of our digital capabilities connects you to our strategic experience, agile delivery methods, and innovative thinking, with digital enabling technologies. The foundry can help you build, enable, and scale your digital abilities, culture, and talent.


Understand your customer and exploit its full potential by using the right channel with the right message/service/offer at the right time.

Customer Strategy

Strategy kicks offs
Coming from various industry and consulting backgrounds, there is one thing our strategists strive for: Bring digital strategies to life. Make them take off, so customers have a good reason to come and stay, and companies have a tangible business case. The people who choose this turf are our Digital Customer Strategy experts. Our talents translate the client’s strategy into a bold vision for its digital journey; define operational pillars and the needed skills to shape the future of business.

The question at the heart of everything is: What will delight the customer? How can the client navigate today’s digitally connected and disruptive ecosystem that defines our modern industries and marketplaces? How can strategic differentiation realize a desired outcome? Knowing and excelling at the key success factors that make up our clients’ business success, our teams always keep tech in mind and bring the digital strategy alive in strong collaboration with the implementation teams of Deloitte Digital. The last step is to analyze the results, validate the viability of the business case and finally clink glasses after a successful go-live.

We not only create strategies, but also know how to bring them alive.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Services

Steffen Legler, Partner,

Dirk Zadeck, Senior Manager,


Customer Analytics

How to throw the better party
Under Deloitte Digital's roof are those who – figuratively speaking – build and decorate the Deloitte house where it’s easy to get to know each other. But there are also those who understand the guests – the Customer Analytics team. They know who to expect, which drinks they like and who they want to talk to. Hot party guaranteed.

Leaving the figurative world, the Customer Analytics team are the data crunchers, who generate deep customer insights and create business models for a data-driven future. By asking the right questions about existing customer information and designing business-driven use cases, they transform data into real treasure. The data savvy experts' use of state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools, creative ideation methods, an agile approach and Deloitte’s global analytics network facilitates the optimization of marketing, sales and service. Everyone is invited: to join the team – or use their expertise to throw an even better party.

Our team of dedicated researchers, analysts and consultants work together with you to generate meaningful insights to beat your competition.


  • Individual Customer Experience (Analytics enabled & driven)
  • Business/Benefit Cases & Roadmaps
  • Customer Deep Dives & Dashboards

Steffen Legler, Partner,

Wolfgang Kurz, Senior Manager,


Service Design and Prototyping

To score a new hit
Accelerator, Innovation Lab, Agile... In the last few years enterprises have implemented innovation departments, agile methods and tools because they recognized the importance of practicing innovation and digital internally. Recent studies reveal that these measures frequently did the opposite - silos and cultural erosion: a typical starting point for a Service Design & Prototyping Team assignment. „We practice Service Design to create relevant value propositions and service eco-systems, orchestrating back-end processes, technologies and interactions to co-create value for all relevant stakeholders. We take a holistic approach that includes the cultural aspect of innovation.“

The Service Design & Prototyping Team therefore understands the challenges, identifies drivers and barriers to align on business goals. After, they remove silos and establish an agile mindset. The second phase is building innovative services and products in collaboration with business operations by conducting ethnographic research, developing prototypes based on an adaptive experience strategy. Next step: Connecting knowledge, behavior and new processes to the core business. Lastly, the Team enables clients to act independently in and adapt the methods and tools in their everyday life. Innovative? Check.

Our Digital Delivery Engine enables clients to deliver digital innovation and services, closing the gap between ideation and development to continuously bring ideas to life.


  • Innovation & Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Product & Solution Strategy

Andreas Harting, Partner,

Maximilian Möller, Senior Manager,


Ensure an effective and efficient use of marketing budgets with our performance marketing approach.

Performance Marketing

Where, if not online?
Today’s customers are almost always connected through multiple digital devices, and expect a relevant and personalized experience, that drives the customer journey toward a point of purchase and inspires brand loyalty. Building this experience is hard, as it is the result of multiple touchpoints across different channels, involving various data. In order to be a true leader in modern marketing communication, advertisers need to implement data-driven marketing strategies to create such a holistic experience along the customer journey and support insight-based decision-making at all levels.

That is where our Deloitte Digital’s Performance Marketing specialists come into play! We analyze our clients Marketing Technology & Strategy status-quo to optimize their data-driven marketing efforts. By optimizing their Marketing Mix Modelling and Media Budgets we help them to identify which channels and media distribution delivers the highest campaign impact. We guide them along the technology implementation of the required advertising technologies, so they can execute and track all their marketing activities holistically. Our team not just supports the daily business – they enable clients, to take over the digital marketing authority.

Over many years agencies have claimed customer data for themselves. We give all that back to your company to create sustainable success.


  • Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Data-Driven Marketing Technology
  • Customer Enablement
  • Ongoing Support

Andreas Harting, Partner,

Hannes Weißensteiner, Senior Manager,


Design Studios 

They build a world around your stories
The Design Studios are the creative agency of Deloitte Digital. With a team of passionate designers who benefit from Deloitte’s extensive industry expertise and functional competence, they develop premium design products with a focus on project communication and corporate campaigns. No content is too complicated, no project too complex, no problem too wicked.

Their specialty – magically turning content into stunning visual communication formats, which can be used either “stand-alone„ or combined to impactful campaigns that spread your message throughout the entire organization. The Design Studios work closely together with clients in the entire creative process to ensure smooth review cycles and high customer satisfaction. Premium design deliverables can not only enhance workshops or events they can also support any change and communication activities of every project. Here you can find examples of our previous work by our Design Studios.

Join us on a trip into a land beyond slides. We convince people and create excitement with new formats and combine them into inspiring stories.


  • Creative Consulting & Conception
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Print products
  • Motion Design & Video
  • Interactive & Game Design

Florian Schülttke, Partner,

Dany Stieler, Senior Manager,


Design an overall digital enterprise architecture and deliver flexible and scalable digital platforms with focus on commerce and content.

Digital Marketing & Content

Attention is the currency
We are your holistic partner in your digital marketing journey, with engagements ranging from full implementation to strategic advisory services and program management. Our digital marketing and architecture experts combine innovation, technology blueprints and solution integration to help you achieve digital maturity. Our strategic approach turns meaningful data insights into prioritized marketing initiatives that focus on fast and measurable business impact.

We build on DigitalMIX™ for Marketing, a scalable customer experience solution with pre-defined architecture, components and integrations that are based on a versatile set of operating models to meet the Client’s long-term objectives. Using Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Platform and Deloitte’s industry experience, our solutions are geared to accelerate delivery of digital marketing solutions and bring incremental value.

We help our clients to build tools that will meet the needs of their target audience, and guide them from browsing to purchase.


Strategy and architecture, design & implementation of:

  • Content & Asset Management
  • Data-driven & cross-channel Marketing
  • Customer Experience & Contextual Personalization

Focus on:

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Sprinklr

Thilo Toebbens, Director,

Stephan Grossmann, Senior Manager,

eCommerce & Digital Platforms

Design holistic digital engagement architectures and deliver flexible, scalable platforms with focus on commerce, content and marketing.
The magic moment of a go-live. You press the button. And thousands of eyes see a platform for the first time and can enjoy easy access to a new product or process. Users will say „Cool, it works!“ and intuitively adopt it for a smoother daily routine. But somewhere in the world there will be a team of functional and technology experts – clients and Deloitte Digital people – who will take a deep breath after the go-live. Maybe they will high five each other and open cold drinks – they deserve it!

Because they did it. Did what? Creating a solution that – direct client quote– „increases operational efficiency and drives additional revenue as integral part of our omni-channel strategy“. To achieve this the client decided on the right level of agility for his teams while Deloitte Digital dived deep into the corporate set-up, tried out new things and did meaningful proof-of-concepts. Work hard, play hard. All for this „A platform is born“-moment. And with it a digital solution that makes our life again a little bit easier.

We want the best experience for both our clients and their customers. And we want to “get there” together. In exactly the setup that makes sense for them instead of following dogmatic rules and processes.


Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design & Implementation for:

  • Holistic Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platforms
  • B2C & B2B eCommerce
  • Product Content & Catalog Management
  • Order Management

Focus solutions:

  • SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Spryker
  • MuleSoft

Thilo Toebbens, Director,

Florian Theurich, Senior Manager,


Create best in class seamless and authentic brand experiences across all business functions and on every channel.

Digital Brand

Everything is branding
That good feeling when something works well: a smooth online booking process, a revealing chat with the help desk, the intuitive organization of a website. „A brand is accumulated moments of truth“, is the credo of the Digital Brand team of Deloitte Digital. With long experience in digital agencies they have a passion for unfolding a brand‘s power. „We understand that only a consistent brand experience creates loyal customers.“ They bring this symbiotic orientation into every project, developing with the client brand experiences that are as attractive and tangible as possible.

And don’t they need a touch of genius? Just a bit perhaps, but the crucial impulses come from listening to customers. For this they work with human centered design methods, such as Design Thinking or Service Design. Data driven KPIs provide the counterbalance, measuring how the brand power squares up to the competition - when you get that everything is branding, using data in a smart way simply falls into place.

Projects that push the digital transformation of a client also have a big impact on the brand core of the client. Therefore we are making our clients futureproof not only from a technological standpoint but also from the brand perspective.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Creative Services
  • Customer Success Management

Florian Schülttke, Partner,

Jens Krisinger, Senior Manager,


Experience Design & Development

Click, click, click - happy
“Hm, so what is the customer supposed to do here?“. This is an expression the Experience Design & Development team kicks of their project journeys with. User centric interfaces, segmented viewports, customer specific funnels, custom tailored application appearance and every interface challenged from both – conceptual and technological point of view. Those are just exemplary advantages our technology and solution agnostic working team might elaborate as stand alone solution or on top of your enterprise suite. Channels they tackle can either be the cutting-edge website developed with the mobile first approach having accessibility in mind. Or an eCommerce platform that sells through editorial content pieces and exposes a seamless looking interface across many features and services.

Following a Design Thinking process, the UX experts join the team, both from our as well as from the client’s side, and end-users in one room. To gain a better understanding of the business requirements in comparison to user needs is vital. Aligning the findings, our digital strategists define the strategy based on the unique user’s journey, while always keeping the successful conversion on top of their mind. Applying agile methodologies, all requirements get documented and split up in packages, so the development team can provide a digital product. This is how we enable to bring transparency to the client and generate useful insights, by testing each and every impediment with the end-user. After multiple iterations and assuring the user gets to the preferred conversion in terms of their overall strategy, we support our clients launching and maintaining a user centric experience. Or, in other words: click, click, click – happy.

Many of us started their careers in digital agencies. We love to build things that delight, are easy to use, save time and reduce errors.


  • Customer Journey Analysis & Design
  • User Research & Usability Testing
  • Information architecture
  • Interface & Visual Design
  • Interaction Design & Prototyping
  • Mobile & Responsive Web Apps
  • Enterprise Application Frontends
  • Web & Mobile Architecture Design

Florian Schülttke, Partner,

André Poeggel, Manager,



It’s the Age of the Mobile Enterprise.
Mobility has changed the way we live and has transformed our behavior when it comes to shopping, banking, or how we consume media. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices. And consumerization of mobility is front and center to enterprise transformation. In fact only a small portion of enterprise software was built for a mobile world. Now, it is time for a new breed of enterprise mobility. Mobility that is consumer simple, providing best-in-class experience. Mobility that is Fort Knox secure. Mobility that streamlines business processes and provides enterprises with speed, productivity and competitive advantage.

We are the partner of choice when it comes to helping people work the way they live in a mobile world. Sharing information. Accelerating ideas. Connecting people, inventory, supply chains and customers, using innovative ideas for mobile experiences that make the difference. The leader in enterprise digital transformation - pairing creative thinking with industry experts, mobile developers, enterprise architects, and business leaders - here for you to reimagine the way you work. Always with the user at the center of it all.

Today, only 35% of information workers are satisfied with the quality of the mobile apps their company provides; just 37% say the apps have a good user experience. (Forster)

That is why we think in experience and beyond apps. (Deloitte)


  • Mobile Strategy
  • Customer-Centric Business Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Development (Custom, Mobile, Cloud-Based)
  • Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Mobile Governance

Steffen Legler, Partner,

Oliver Gueth, Senior Manager,


Design an overall digital architecture for customer engagement and deliver flexible and scalable digital platforms with focus on sales, marketing and service.

DCS Approach & Emerging Solutions & Oracle CX

Enjoy your meal
Oracle, Salesforce, SAP – what is it to be? Are you sure you want the support in sales, not in service? And can I get you some customized plug-in on top? The menu of professional applications that helps to operate and communicate in a smart way is admittedly detailed. How would it be to lean back? To have someone who listens. To what you need. Where you struggle. To have someone in front of you who puts his passion and experience at your disposal to make the right choice. Right, because somebody discussed the needs with all the departments involved and analyzed your customer requirements.

Who knows about ready-for-use solutions and plug-ins that already exist for your industry? And who can tell you about the return on investment for a customized solution? Not to mention that their colleagues at Deloitte Digital can also implement it as they have already done for clients with a similar IT environment to yours. The only complicated thing about these people is their designation: DCS Approach and Emerging Solutions & Oracle CX.

Our solutions leverage the interaction with customers by being more efficient and having the right information available as of need.


  • Process Models (Marketing, CRM, Sales & Service)
  • Fit-Gap Analysis & Digital Customer Platform Evaluation
  • Roadmap & Transformation Design
  • Strategy, Design & Implementation for emerging Solutions
  • Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, Design & Implementation

Dirk Hasselhof, Partner,

Alexandra Thiel, Manager,



The friendly giant
No doubt, Salesforce is an IT giant with market leading position in Sales, Service and Marketing applications. But there are still many uncertainties for a company’s first-time implementation or large transformation projects. The Salesforce team at Deloitte Digital solves these challenges every day, is ready to listen and to help. Being part of 4,400 Salesforce practitioners at Deloitte worldwide who customize and implement Salesforce applications in 30 countries, they get the maximum out of this network for their clients.

”We source templates, ready-made interfaces and pre-configured industry solutions from our best practices.“ So that the clients get the latest cloud-based solutions. The result: optimized customer relationships, more effective sales processes, and state-of-the-art service and marketing technologies. When they experience this for the first time, clients often turn into Salesforce advocates. Well, that’s the secret about Salesforce... it enables its clients to become giants, too.

Quality and satisfied customers are our top priority. And our strong growth has proved us right.


  • Salesforce Innovation, Ideation and Prototyping
  • Strategy, Design & Implementation for holistic Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Christian Eissner, Partner,

Oliver Klotmann, Senior Manager,


SAP hybris Sales and Service

SAP for smart sales and service
Without the head for it and the love of it you'll be lost in the complex IT infrastructure. There is talk of customizing and implementing cloud based SAP Hybris for international concerns. This software, connecting sales forces and clients, can streamline business processes, optimize efficiency and transparency across sales units, to attain a consistent customer experience. Deloitte Digital's technology experts are passionate about creating awesome digital experiences based on SAP Hybris.

The SAP Hybris Sales & Service team takes a deep dive into the client’s IT landscape and requirements, quantifying external costs and defining user stories. This facilitates a joint evaluation with the client on the investment viability. If it is, they transpose the insights gained into a rollout and change management plan – using agile methods for a clearly communicated modular and flexible project delivery. Because after all, this is the key to achieving our main aim: satisfying customers.

We extend our perspective from a narrow C4C scope towards overarching cloud integration scenarios while leveraging our access to 7,700 SAP practitioners in 35 countries that served over 2,550 clients.


  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  • SAP Shared Service Framework (SSF)
  • SAP CRM Strategy, Design & Implementation

Steffen Model, Director,

Helmut Burckhardt, Partner,

Sebastian Müller-Bellé, Senior Manager,


Digital Strategy & Business Building.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy from vision to governance
We combine experienced strategy consultants, entrepreneurs, designers and product experts to form a team that has the ability to not only create sophisticated strategies but to also validate and execute these. As a result, we have the capabilities to develop the strategic vision to conceptualize and build digital products and ventures that augments corporate and enterprise strategy to a new level. In our projects, we co-create digital and venturing strategies in close collaboration with our clients’ teams. We are the entrepreneurial partner that doesn't stop at just delivering a final concept – we enable intrapreneurial teams to execute on a vision by collaborating with our clients in the operational set up of new ventures, products and operating models.

Competitors either focus on high-level C-Suite strategies or the operational building of new businesses/execution of strategies. We combine all of the above – building high-impact ventures that shape the future while forming strategic direction in close alignment with the C-Suite. We follow an iterative strategy development process that always starts with the leadership and customers of the client. After aligning all relevant stakeholders in innovation workshops, we employ a proven set of methodologies (including: Design Thinking, Digital Maturity Assessments and rapidly tested prototypes) to form a validated strategy and action plan.

We are the entrepreneurial partner that doesn't stop at just delivering a final concept.


  • SAP Leadership alignment',
  • Digital visions and strategies
  • Execution roadmaps

Nikolay Kolev, Partner,

Andy Goldstein, Partner,


(Digital) Operating Models & Accelerators

Transform organizations from the inside-out
We are entrepreneurial and bring in extensive experience from both the investor, as well as, the startup world. We leverage this knowledge and bring mechanisms and mindsets into client organizations to define and implement tailored operating models to win in digital. We strive to enable intrapreneurial client teams. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time on coaching and training our clients on hands-on projects to implement the methods of customer-centric product development and investor-driven decision making. We deeply strive to support our client teams to be successful, enabling them to bring their ideas to life from concept to rollout – as their partner.

We build on years of experience in founding and building Accelerators and Digital Units. We bring in a multitude of insights and cross-industry learnings we have gathered in developing and implementing digital operating models for some of the largest European firms. We are actively engaging our unique, international ecosystem to bring in cutting-edge ideas on the most innovative operating models. With the accelerator approach, we introduce a value-driven operating model into organizations, based on startup funding logic. By adopting an investor’s mindset and creating the process and structures to experiment, we enable our clients to drive fast results and take value-based resource decisions independent from the budget-year. This results in a measurable economic benefit derived from digital initiatives.

We are entrepreneurial and bring in extensive experience from both the investor, as well as, the startup world.


  • Digital culture
  • New units and accelerators
  • Corporate venturing

Nikolay Kolev, Partner,

Andy Goldstein, Partner,


Business Building 

Building turnkey ventures
We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and digital strategists guiding clients through meaningful digital transformation. By leveraging the expertise and reach of the largest professional services firm, we are perfectly equipped to design, build and run cutting-edge companies. When we explore, experiment with and implement new digital products and services that help transform the organization from the inside (predominantly core business), as well as, carve out new business models (for incremental and disruptive ideas) – we always do so in a co-creative way to enable the client’s organization beyond the project itself.

We drive digital excellence by identifying transformative opportunities to drive core, incremental and disruptive changes. We have a highly diverse team that has defined, built and run companies from smaller startups or scaleups to large corporations. By leveraging this knowledge and our ecosystem’s capabilities and customizing our approach to our client’s specific challenges and opportunities, we create long-lasting and deep-seated value.

By leveraging the expertise and reach of the largest professional services firm and our ecosystem of partners, we are perfectly equipped to design, build and run cutting-edge companies.


  • New companies and startups
  • Digital products and services
  • Digital ecosystems

Nikolay Kolev, Partner,

Andy Goldstein, Partner,

More information regarding our capabilities can be found on our Deloitte Digital website.

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