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Marketing & Commerce

We design flexible, extendable and scalable solutions for digital commerce, combine performance marketing expertise with our own in-house creative agency, deliver seamless experiences to your customers in their channel of choice and aim at transforming your business into digital from end-to-end.

Digital Commerce

Flexible, extendable and scalable solutions for digital commerce.

Design digital engagement architectures and deliver flexible, scalable platforms with focus on commerce.

Digital Commerce has become the key channel for almost every business today. Flexible, extendable and scalable solutions designed for your business will raise engagement with your customers to a new level and secure continued business growth.

The magic moment of a go-live. You press the button. Thousands of eyes see a commerce solution for the first time, easily exploring your products and an excellent shopping experience. Users will say „Cool, this is outstanding!“ and intuitively adopt it for a smoother daily routine. But somewhere in the world there will be a team of functional and technology experts – clients and Deloitte Digital people – who will take a deep breath after the go-live. They will high five each other and open cold drinks – they deserve it!

Because they did it. Did what? They created a digital commerce solution that „increases operational efficiency and drives additional revenue as an integral part of our omni-channel strategy“, in the words of one of our clients. To achieve this we guided our client to the right level of agility for his teams and jointly dived deep into the corporate set-up, tried out new things and did meaningful proof-of-concepts. Work hard, play hard. All for this “Go-Live“-moment, and with it a digital solution that makes our life again a little bit easier.

We want the best experience for both our clients and their customers. And we want to “get there” together. In exactly the setup that makes sense for them instead of following dogmatic rules and processes.


Strategy and Architecture, Design & Implementation for

  • B2C & B2B eCommerce 
  • Product Content & Catalogue Management
  • Order Management & EDI
  • CPQ systems

Focus solutions:

  • SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud / Salesforce Cloud Craze


Data Driven Marketing

Combining performance marketing expertise with our own in-house creative agency.

Ensure an effective and efficient use of marketing budgets with our performance marketing approach.

Where, if not online?

Today’s customers are almost always connected through multiple digital devices. They expect a relevant and personalized experience, which drives the customer journey toward a point of purchase and inspires brand loyalty. Building this experience is hard, as it requires the intersections of multiple touchpoints across different channels, involving various data types. In order to be a true leader in modern marketing communication, advertisers need to implement data-driven marketing strategies to create a well-rounded experience along the customer journey and support insight-based decision-making at all levels.

That is where Deloitte Digital’s Performance Marketing specialists come into play! We analyze our clients’ Marketing Technology & Strategy status-quo to optimize their data-driven marketing efforts. By optimizing their Marketing Mix Modelling and Media budgets, we help them identify which channels and media distribution delivers the highest campaign impact. We guide them along the technology implementation of the required advertising technologies so they can execute and track all their marketing activities holistically. Our team does more than just support the daily business – they enable clients to take over the digital marketing authority.

Over many years agencies have claimed customer data for themselves. We give all that back to your company to create sustainable success.


  • Performance Marketing Advisory & Strategy 
  • Multichannel Campaign Analysis & Optimisation
  • Performance Measurement & Media Budget Optimisation
  • Technology Advisory & Tool Architecture Development
  • Digital Marketing Trainings & Customer Enablement


Digital Experience Platforms

Deliver seamless experiences to your customers in their channel of choice.

A Digital Experience Platform is the centerpiece of your customers’ journeys across all digital touchpoints and help you meet their increasing expectations.

Creating feature-rich, secure experiences across channels

Your customers demand more. Digital experiences need to increasingly be seamless, personalized and relevant across all channels and touchpoints. Moving beyond mere web content management, Digital Experience Platforms become the control center for your customers’ journey – offering flexible ways to discover content through search and navigation, seamlessly integrating with other systems and aggregating data, offering collaboration and self-service. You can make the right decisions through insightful analytics and target content to your audience across channels in a controlled and secure way.

We are your holistic partner in your digital experience journey, with engagements ranging from full implementation, strategic advisory services, program management to architecture and technical design.

Our digital experience and architecture experts combine innovation, technology and solution integration to help you achieve digital maturity. You can rely on Deloitte’s industry experience and a set of pre-defined and proven solutions (including Deloitte’s DigitalMIX™ and the Deloitte Sitecore Platform) to accelerate delivery of your initiatives and bring incremental value to your B2C & B2B platforms, self-service portals and intra-/extranets.

We help our clients to create personalized, relevant experiences for their target audience in their channel of choice.


  • Web Content & Digital Asset Management
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Management 
  • Intranets & Self-Service Portals

Focus on:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Sitecore Experience Cloud
  • BloomReach Digital Experience Platform
  • Liferay Digital Experience Platform


Platform Transformation

Aiming at transforming your business into digital from end-to-end.

Deliver end-to-end customer centric platforms as backbone for the comprehensive digital transformation of your business.

Everyone's talking about digital transformation - new disruptive technologies lead to the need of expanding the competitive edge of your businesses. However, digital transformation is about more than just better customer experience at one touchpoint. The aim is to offer your customers greater value along the full lifecycle.

We enable the transformation of your business into digital. Here we combine multiple solutions into API-led and micro services-based platforms. Defining and coordinating all relevant value adding parts from marketing, content and commerce into service and after sales. All in correspondence to your business & IT strategy which we support in the best possible way with our technical expertise combined with our omni-channel excellence.

We allow our clients to take advantage of digital possibilities in order to embrace disruption and build lasting value for their businesses. This way we help our clients define and reach their ambitions, and bring them to market quickly.


  • Holistic Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Integration & API Management
  • IAM & Consent Management

Focus solutions:

  • MuleSoft 
  • Gigya | SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Informatica
  • Reltio

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