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Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) and System Integration 

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) significantly enhances the effectiveness of traditional project management tools. By leveraging advanced analytics we are able to evaluate the likelihood that a project will be successful – followed with practical and actionable advice.


Regulators and Boards of Directors have placed increased pressure on organizations to deliver capital, business and technology projects within budget, schedule and specifications. Achieving these goals is a significant issue facing any industry.

Projects are often demonstrating the following challenges:

  • 60% of companies experience project failure
  • 44% fail to meet time, budget or quality goals
  • 15% fail to meet all of these objectives – or stop projects altogether

The odds are worse as a project´s price tag increases:

  • 38% estimated success rate for projects between $750k and $3m
  • 2% estimated success rate for projects larger than $10m


Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) provides the information you need to plan for success and to close the gaps. PPA uses quantitative data and advanced analytics to:

  • Analyze your project's strenghts and weaknesses
  • Keep your project on track
  • Reduce and contain costs
  • Provide tangible ROI

For more information about Deloitte's Predictive Project Analytics please contact Markus Schmidthuysen: and Marwin Rieger:

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Deloitte's Predictive Project Analytics


  • Improved capital efficiency with tangible ROI for various stakeholders
  • Flexible and scalable solution to supplement existing project management methodologies and control functions
  • Effective near term benefits addressing key project management challenges
  • Provide quantitative and defendable data points to drive project/program management decisions
  • Analytical analysis benchmarked against database of +2000 successful projects
  • Insight into level of manageable project complexity and risk given organization’s current capabilities
  • Provide client access to a One Deloitte Experience to increase their likelihood of success
  • Improved transparency and integration amongst Project Control Functions
  • Decrease subjective element of project reviews from analyticsbased findings with quantitative risk data
  • Meet regulatory or compliance requirements and deliver to expected business specification

Demonstrated Experience

Our predictive analytics database contains detailed information on thousands of successful projects.

  • We have recorded how complex these projects were and precisely how they were managed.
  • We analyze a project, compare it to our database and determine whether it resembles a project which went on to succeed or fail. We also determine what should be changed in order to most effectively increase the chances of success.
  • With the capability can be applied to any industry, our approach strenghtens the connection between project risk and key success factors to deliver a holistic and deep view of the project.

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