Deloitte Value Driver Tree Components Extension 

for SAP BusinessObjects DesignStudio

Our Value Driver Tree is the first and only set of components for SAP Analytics Design Studio and SAP Lumira, enabling the development of Value Driver Trees for budgeting, forecasting and planning based on different scenarios in order to support decision making in your organization. In addition, our extension components are versatile and can be used in limitless scenarios such as KPI dashboard etc.


SAP Analytics Extension for Value Driver Tree Components

Why our Value Driver Tree Extension (VDT)?

  • Optimize your budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities
  • Perform ad hoc analysis of multiple different scenarios
  • Choose between a vast number of different VDT designs
  • Fully customizable components to your organizational needs
  • Fully scriptable components in order to build your individual VDT
  • Bookmark your VDT scenario and easily share it with other decision makers
  • Responsive and scalable VDT visualizations through state-of-the-art technology
  • Vast usage possibilities of our extension components in other scenarios than VDT

Deloitte’s VDT extension includes the following features in order to build your company’s Value Driver Tree:

Component Example Image Functionality
Valuebox Valuebox The Valuebox component is the key component for visualizing values e.g. plan and scenario. If needed, even a third value can be added such as “Actual”. It offers vast customizable options for the illustration of values including showing percentages, charts, the position of individual values within the Valuebox, color & font, highlighting of values and a lot more. If desired, a “Detail window” can be integrated to the Valuebox, so that end users can view further information of illustrated data.
Selector Selector The Selector component provides functionality to manipulate ad hoc values when running VDT scenarios. The values can simply be manipulated by moving the “selector point” to the left or right side. In order to move easily back to the original values, the end user simply clicks on the “circled arrow”.
Line Line The Line component brings simple configurable lines that can be used to connect different components e.g. Valueboxes in a VDT.
Textformat Textformat The Textformat component calculates the difference of two parameters “Value 1” and “Value 2“ and displays the result in a customizable D3.js compatible format. VDTs come with a separate section delivering information about the delta between the original value and the scenario value. With the help of the Textformat component, these deltas can be adopted to dashboards.
Comment Comment The Comment component allows to store your thoughts while working with the VDT. This is especially useful when working on various scenarios and the thought process that lead to the scenario should be comprehensible documented.
Calculation Calculation The Calculation component indicates how different value boxes are linked together mathematically within the VDT. Using basic operations “+”, “-“, “*” and “/”, dependencies between the values are visualized.

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The design of all VDT components can be fully adjusted to your wishes resp. company CI. By default, a neutral design is preconfigured, which can be easily adjusted to your needs.

Further steps?

If you consider to purchase our VDT extension, please contact us via the contact form or directly our mentioned contacts below. If desired, we can also provide you with a trial version. We are more than happy to provide you with further details.

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