Deloitte Africa Summit

Welcome to the first Deloitte Africa Summit  

Group A

With the Deloitte Africa Summit we would like to provide you with an overview about Africa's economical future, it’s development and upcoming areas of investment. Furthermore, we want to identify specific market and client opportunities across Africa and Germany, discuss key issues to enable Deloitte’s go to market.


On this page you can find all materials used during the summit as well as additional information regarding todays key topic and the workshop.


Group ­A

  • Identify and discuss key issues that affect German clients in case of an investment in Africa
  • Discuss if there are sectors that are more relevant for the African market than others and if it is important to focus on those sectors
  • Describe whitespaces that might appear and note possible solutions

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka

Story how bicycles change lives

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