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Deloitte's view on ServiceNow’s EDM Module

During the past 10 years, the value and understanding of HR in a greater context changed dramatically. It shifted from HR purely being focused on administrative tasks to HR taking over the lead in influencing the organization as an entirety and the way of how work is interpreted and lived in the organization.

As a substantial part of HR case work is related to document retrieval, creation and storage, it came natural that ServiceNow offers a respective e-file extension that offers organizations the option to realize exactly this: an Electronic Document Management (EDM)

HR trends such as considering employees as customers, the increasing importance of people development, flexible work structures, job mobility, and knowledge management are well known. Today, these HR trends are considered to underly a strong influence of digitization. Enabling technologies are one of the most important drivers of company value. From an HR perspective, this means not only moving HCM systems into the cloud or implementing a ticketing system for HR shared services. It means realized human experience platforms and unified engagement platforms in order to enhance employee experience and a consistent modern workforce experience.

For more than 10 years, Deloitte has been conducting the HR Trends Survey and publishing the Human Capital Trends Report.

Current document management approaches in a nutshell

Taking care of the employee file is one of the core duties of an HR department and comes with strict legal requirements and regulations—which even differ from country to country. This purely administrative responsibility is now to be seen in the context of the coming rise of Human Experience and Unified Engagement Platforms to increase work and employee experience. In this correlation, the future-oriented employee file is digital and integrated in an one-stop-shop (portal) solution which encompasses a ticketing system for service requests and knowledge base which is HR and employee facing as well. The Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution from ServiceNow offers organizations the option to realize exactly this. This POV is dealing with the experience of the first implementations and gives some perspective on how to pragmatically phase this solution into the IT Service Architecture. Expect some insights on:

  • Background: Where we see the current evolution of Personnel Files and how they blend into the big picture of the HR Trends
  • Relation: How to position ServiceNow EDM in relation to other established vendors in the market
  • Innovation: Understanding the unique approach ServiceNow applied to reinvent document management from a service perspective.
  • Skeumorphism: An easy way to add a “downwards user compatible” layer to mimic the classic enterprise document management behaviours.

While these insights might not answer all questions, we aspire to give you a first indication when to approach the Personnel File Solution via ServiceNow EDM: Key indicators are if you need an affordable, fast and easy way to roll out personnel files or if your HR Services Profile means you invest way too much time in document handling and generation.

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Deloitte’s EDM+

As we do believe that the identified gaps are of a universal nature, we package our recent project innovations into a prepackaged solution we call EDM+. Applying this makes EDM a perfect and comparatively affordable match for any company that has ServiceNow HRSD in place, but misses an overall digital employee file.

  • Being a part of the ServiceNow HRSD module, EDM integrates smoothly into the functions and design and is seamlessly integrated in case management.
  • Personnel files are integrated in user profiles and documents can be transferred directly from cases.
  • Our EDM+ widget follows an skeumorphistic approach and visually reflects a more traditional folder structure and look and feel. Multiple e-files per employee are supported to cover different legal requests (e.g. purging regulations) global acting organisations and mobile employees are facing.
  • Multi SSC domain support is ensured so each file belongs to one legal entity of an organization and is not to be seen from another legal entity user.

Our Alliance Partner

ServiceNow is one of the leading workflow systems and setting standards in the field of Human Resources . The HR Service Delivery (HRSD) suite of ServiceNow includes several modules such as case & knowledge management and performance analytics and has gained a leading edge on “platform play” by combining a professional service management suite, action driven intranet & mobile portals, End-2-End process orchestration (“Workflow of Workflows”) with the seamless integration into other Service Towers in the enterprise, including IT Service Management.

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