Dr. Jörg Günther

Partner | Consulting Strategy & Business Design

Dr. Jörg Günther

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Dr. Jörg Günther has advised clients in national, regional, and global transformational environments, delivering complex cross-functional business transformation programs driving commercial growth and sustainable client value for more than 20 years as a strategy advisor. His industry experience has a main focus on financial services companies, while he has also served corporate clients in health care, as well as government organizations. Dr. Günther has a proven expertise in the areas of digital and customer journey transformations, organic growth strategies, as well as operating model optimizations across the entire value chain. 

At Deloitte, Dr. Günther serves a top 10 global insurance client, a Deloitte global crown jewel account, as the Global Lead Client Service Partner, and is a member of the global Financial Services Consulting Leadership team.

Dr. Jörg Günther