Sarah Beringer

Director | Chief Purpose & Communications Officer | Chief of Staff

Sarah Beringer

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Sarah Beringer is the Deloitte DCE Chief Purpose & Communications Officer, leading the Sustainability and Societal Impact agenda across Deloitte DCE’s countries in Central Europe and French-speaking Africa – based on the commitment to create a broader impact on our clients, our people, and the societies we live and work in. She also serves as Chief of Staff to the DCE CEO and DCE Executive, leads the DCE CEO office, supports strategic planning and investments, and drives integration, change, people, culture, and communication initiatives. Sarah Beringer has 16+ years of experience in diverse international Corporate Communications, Talent/HR, and Sustainability roles in Professional Services, the Banking, and the Energy sector. From 2015-2020, she was responsible for the Talent Management department within Deloitte Germany. She holds a Master of Science (Communication, Media, and Psychology), is a certified Public Relations consultant and a certified Business Coach. 

Sarah Beringer