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How to welcome 110+ new consultants in a single day

Topic: Resilient Leadership

September 1st was one of the best days I’ve had in a very long time. Great weather, a great feeling of optimism, and the chance to welcome 110+ new employees face to face – the biggest onboarding session in a single day in the history of Deloitte Consulting.

I’m not telling this story just to brag – instead I want to share some of the developments that led up to this amazing day, and how we as an organisation are able to absorb this huge influx of talent.

I also want to tell you this story, because this new generation of consultants will work differently and maybe even think differently than previous generations. After the global pandemic, the business landscape has changed, and it’s a new reality we’re facing.

A year of success
The first question to answer is probably why are we hiring so many people at this moment?

Needless to say, this was only possible on the back of a very successful year in the market. Our FY2021 ended with record numbers when we closed the books in June, and the wheels continue to run at full speed after summer. To be able to meet our clients’ demand we need to make sure that we are enough people across all offerings to make the impact we promise for their organisations.

Overall, our new people will work on four kinds of transformations – or more correctly, four transformational journeys that span across virtually all industries. We see our clients go on more comprehensive transformation journeys than before, that being tech-enabled, M&A enabled, front-end driven or even triggered by the need for a sustainable way of doing business.

These are not necessarily new transformational journeys, but what’s new is that many of our clients are taking upon them broader, more coherent, and radical transformations than before in order to lay the ground for the business models of the future.

For this, we can definitely thank (or blame, depending on how you see it) the COVID pandemic, which exposed vulnerabilities in business models and supply chains in an unprecedented way. You can say that remarkable times call for remarkable solutions – and Danish and Nordic companies are evolving faster with a huge surge to create both flexibility and resilience in the post-COVID world.

That’s the journey our new consultants will take with our clients, and I know that they will deliver amazing results.

Let the talent blossom
At the onboarding session we spoke a lot about these market conditions and what they mean for Deloitte, but our new employees had more questions that needed answers. They were interested in gender diversity, future of work, flexibility and so on. They also wanted to know how we ensure a sense of belonging in an organisation, which is so big that some might fear that they won’t be seen or heard.

Luckily, we’ve worked hard for many years to create a ‘big firm, small feel’ culture where everyone feels that they have a place in the organisation. Part of this attachment happens in our many project teams where people work closely together with our clients. But it’s also something we support in the management team by creating alignment across our portfolios, by nurturing a shared sense of direction in the way we do our work, and by having a rich social life throughout the organisation.

I hope that all our new talents will feel at home in this amazing culture – and I also hope that they will share their ideas on how to make it even better. That’s very different from when I began my own career 30 years ago. Back then, new employees – and young employees in particular – were never asked about their opinion on anything that had to do with how to run the firm. Thankfully, that’s different today, and I definitely want to assure platform and space to challenge the status quo in a constructive way, and I’m always happy to listen to feedback.

Coming soon, we will launch a Junior Advisory Board in Deloitte Consulting. I am a 50 + year old white male; I definitely need help to navigate a diverse organization full of people half my age. I am looking forward to working with talented young people to address some of the challenges standing between us and an even more successful future.

What it all comes down to is that welcoming 110+ new employees in a single day is not just about getting 110+ new colleagues, but about experiencing this massive explosion of human energy and the joy of starting a journey together. I can honestly say that it was an extraordinary feeling – and one that I will remember for a very long time.

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Martin Søegaard

Martin Søegaard


Martin is the manager of Deloitte's Danish and Nordic consulting business and has more than 25 years of experience in advising Danish and international companies. Martin is at the forefront of developing a consulting practice across the Nordic region that can assist Danish and international companies on their most complex transformation journeys. This includes a focus on management, the establishment of ecosystems as well as on diversity in professionalism and competence.

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