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Building the no. 1 SAP practice – five questions for Marianne Mia Jensen (Danish SAP Lead) and David Egebjerg Colgan (Nordic SAP Lead)

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It’s been a hectic, but very successful year. That’s the simple conclusion after 12 months of simultaneously handling a global pandemic and developing a SAP practice in Denmark and across the Nordic countries. David Egebjerg Colgan took on this task in March of 2020 when he re-joined Deloitte. Together with a cross-Nordic leadership team, David set out to build the no.1 SAP practice across the Nordics. Here, David reflects upon the journey so far, together with Marianne Mia Jensen who took on the helm in Deloitte’s Danish SAP Practice, and they also share their aspirations for the future.

1. How has it been to build an SAP practice in the midst of the pandemic?
David: When I decided to re-join Deloitte of course I had no idea that we would be facing a global lockdown. There was definitely some confusion in the beginning because none of us knew what it would mean for our clients or our business. Luckily, our clients were quick to get back on their feet and ensure business continuity. Sure, we are all facing a new reality, but that has in fact only accelerated our clients’ aspiration to future-proof their business in order to compete in the digital economy. So, what started as an insecurity quickly became 100 percent determination to continue those digital journeys and even start new ones. It’s been very uplifting to be a part of.

2. Many people are asking about the size of your team. How many are you?
Marianne: Over the last year, we have continuously hired new talents, and we are really proud that so many people have chosen to join Deloitte. Right now, we are close to 200 experts working with a variety of SAP products and technologies in the Nordics, including 70 people in Denmark, and that’s only the beginning. This volume is really important. Firstly, it gives a great dynamic in the team, and there are so many extremely talented people to learn from. Secondly, it also allows us to combine broad transformational competences with highly specialized industry skills – and that’s of course exactly the kinds of teams that our clients want, to help them get the most value out of their SAP investment.

3. What role has diversity played when putting together the practice?
David: Diversity has always been very, very important to us at Deloitte and to me personally. Of course, there is the gender aspect where we’ve achieved a lot already and will continue to focus on. However, it’s also important to consider professional diversity, geographic diversity, age diversity and diversity in life experiences. As I fall into the current demographic of an SAP consultant in Denmark, I can safely say that I really appreciate the value of diversity in thoughts and skills that I have around me in our SAP practice. It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of. I consider us to be one of the most vibrant and ambitious SAP teams in Denmark and the Nordics.

4. How is it different building a SAP practice today than 5, 10, 15 years ago?
Marianne: Historically, many SAP projects have been about creating a robust core; today, it’s a much broader scope, including taking advantage of digital possibilities, fuelling innovation, interacting with customers and creating new paths for growth. The consequence of this change is that you need a multi-disciplinary approach to succeed, and you need everyone to recognise the broader context of technological change to get the full value. That goes from high-level advisory to hands-on implementation – and we follow our clients all the way, closing the gap.

5. What is the path forward for the SAP practice at Deloitte?
David: While we are growing, I think it’s important to keep that local feel and that closeness among colleagues. Even when you’re part of a global organisation such as Deloitte, you still need a place to feel home and people that you really connect with. The great thing about growth, however, is that there is an abundance of career possibilities and many chances to get ‘thrown in at the deep end’ if you are looking to push forward your career. Our mantra is that we are ‘business-driven, technology-enabled’. For anyone that can see themselves in that statement, please reach out to us. We’re happy to start a conversation.

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David Colgan

David Colgan


Ask me about: SAP, S/4 HANA, Digital transformation, IT strategy, Program management, Digital Finance function, Cloud David is a partner in Deloitte and the Nordic Lead of our SAP Practice. David has a background as a Chartered Accountant but has more than 25 years of experience with SAP transformation programs, where the underlying theme is SAP and financial & digital optimization. David works with Danish as well as Nordic companies advising on SAP-enabled digital transformations and delivering SAP S/4HANA.

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