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Danish cyber landscape: From attention to action

Topic: Cybersecurity

The fourth industrial revolution – accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – has resulted in a more digitally connected world. Whilst this has allowed companies and people to connect irrespective of space and time – fostering a feeling of a somewhat smaller world – it has also attracted organised criminals to create their own sub-culture in the cyberspace. 

The 2020 edition of our annual cyber survey investigates this interesting dynamic between the light and the dark side of the Danish cyberspace – as observed and experienced by our participating companies across four sectors: the financial sector, the consumer goods sector, the public sector, and the energy, resources and industrials sector.

Same issues, subtle differences
Our survey shows several security trends in the cyberspace that are common to all four sectors. For example, the majority of the organisations have experienced a considerable increase in the cybersecurity threats in the past two to five years. Against this backdrop, the demand for cybersecurity skills has skyrocketed with increased competition for proficient talents. We also observed that most organisations now report that cybersecurity has become a topic for the C-level executives and the Board, although it still does not feature regularly on the agenda to make a difference.

There are also marked differences as to how organisations perceive cybersecurity in different sectors. For example, 

  • Public sector and energy, resources and industrials sector organisations find it a bit easier to retain and develop cybersecurity talent, perhaps offering them a bigger purpose in their roles.
  • Financial sector organisations paint a more pessimistic picture of their cybersecurity capabilities than others. This is contrary to the general perception of higher maturity of cybersecurity in the financial sector. Yet this may be due to the financial sector organisations having a more informed and realistic understanding of cybersecurity, having fought cybercrime for years. 
  • Supplier security continues to be the Achilles heel of the Danish organisations. Yet consumer businesses seem to be having the most issues with increasingly global and complex supply chains. 

I am cautiously optimistic. As the world enters a new era with unprecedented focus on infection, disruption and resiliency, I believe cybersecurity is here to stay to play a key role in a more sustainable and resilient business world

From attention to action
Our survey offers several key takeaways for Danish companies. Despite increased recognition and awareness, we still find baseline security capabilities lacking for the majority of organisations. Implementing basic security hygiene, training your people in threats and protection, detecting threats early and responding to them effectively with regular testing goes a long way in raising your defences against cyberattacks. Just like in a pandemic. 

Our overall conclusion this year is that cybersecurity has finally found its space in the right circles and caught the eye of our most senior executives and government officials. As Trine Bramsen, the Danish Minister of Defence, declared in the Deloitte Cyber Agenda 2020, the Danish government has decided to change the way we look at digital development. Previously, development came first, now security comes first. We need to be able to trust our suppliers so we can protect our society.

The jury is out on whether this attention and perceived improvement will result in the continued evolution of the cybersecurity thinking and capability in the Danish organisations, and result in true action.

I am cautiously optimistic. As the world enters a new era with unprecedented focus on infection, disruption and resiliency, I believe cybersecurity is here to stay to play a key role in a more sustainable and resilient business world.

I hope you will join us as we continue the discussion on Monday December 14th at our Grab’n Go session where we deep dive into the insights from our survey: Cybersecurity | Grab'n Go (


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