27 Jan.

DDMRP Webinar 1: Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

Thursday, 03:00 p.m.  CET
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Syncronic – a Deloitte Business are very proud to present a webinar series around DDMRP. As the Nordic affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute, we have invited the two founders of the DDMRP methodology, Carol Ptak and Chad Smith to talk about 6 different demand driven topics in 2022. This is a golden opportunity to hear a complete story line around the DDMRP concept and value proposition from the true experts and take the opportunity to ask your own specific questions!

You can now sign up for the first webinar "Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise" that will be held on the 27-01-2022 15:00 – 16:00 CET. 

Webinar 1: Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise - Start with an understanding of the entire Demand Driven framework for an enterprise. It's not just DDMRP! – 27th Jan 2022

Webinar 2: Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) is the operational component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. Understanding the DDOM is a prerequisite to understanding the tactical and strategic component counterparts. - Mar 22

Webinar 3: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning is the tactical component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. Its job is to configure, measure and adapt the Demand Driven Operating Model. It is the bi-directional tactical reconciliation hub between strategy and operations. Learn about its six primary duties. – May 22

Webinar 4: Adaptive Sale and Operations Planning - The strategic component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. With an understanding of the DDOM and DDS&OP you are in a perfect position to see how things fit together. – Aug 22

Webinar 5: The Four Innovations of DDMRP - It is time to go into the details! DDMRP is the engine of the DDOM. What makes it so different? Carol Ptak and Chad Smith present the four key innovations of DDMRP. – Oct 22

Webinar 6: Demand Driven Implications for FMCG - Even more detail on Demand Driven operational approach. This webinar is for those of you in consumer products or batch processing industries. – Dec 22





27. January 2022

From 15.00 to 16.00

Carol Ptak

Carol Ptak is currently a partner with the Demand Driven Institute (www.demanddriveninstitute.com) and was most recently at Pacific Lutheran University as Visiting Professor and Distinguished Executive in Residence. Previously, she was vice president and global industry executive for manufacturing and distribution industries at PeopleSoft where she developed the concept of demand driven manufacturing (DDM). Ms. Ptak spent four years at IBM Corporation culminating in the position of global SMB segment executive.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith is Co-founder and Partner at the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority in Demand Driven education, training, certification, and compliance. Chad is the co-author of the third edition of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning 3/E (Ptak and Smith, McGraw-Hill, 2011), Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics (Smith and Smith, McGraw-Hill, 2013), Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning V3 (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press, 2019), Precisely Wrong - Why Conventional Planning Fails and How to Fix It (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press 2017) and The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise - Surviving and Thriving in the VUCA World (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press, 2018)

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Thursday, 27 Jan 2022 03:00 p.m. CET
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