Nordic Next Generation CIO Academy

Developing future technology leaders across the Nordics.

Our Nordic Next Generation CIO Academy is a unique experience that assists in preparing future CIOs for the fundamental shift from IT leader to business leader. The Academy offers an interactive format focusing on leadership development and the role of CIOs.

CIOs hold some of the most challenging roles in business today, with responsibilities for creating value that extend far beyond traditional information technology support and delivery. The CIO’s role has shifted from being a steward of technology to a partner in shaping the future of the business.

As technology leaders, CIOs with vision, communication skills, and relationships are well positioned to command more influence and help their organizations thrive. To adapt to these uncertain times, Deloitte’s CIO Programme is offering a dynamic, exclusive leadership development opportunity, the Next Generation CIO Academy, to help technology leaders think through how they personally navigate today’s challenges.

Who is the academy for?
Academy participation is by invitation only for selected Deloitte clients across the Nordics. An average of 10-20 high performing senior technology executives make up each Academy group. Space is intentionally limited to one participant per company and small group sizes to enhance the learning experience and promote deep relationships among high-performing peers. Deloitte account teams work with their client’s technology leadership executive to identify a participant to attend the Academy.

Candidates who meet the Academy criteria typically have the following characteristics and experience:

  • Potential and drive to become a corporate CIO
  • In-line for promotion to CIO within the next 0–3 years
  • Endorsed and willing to be nominated by their current CEO, CFO, or CIO
  • A direct report to the CIO for multiple years who regularly interacts with the CIO and/or other C-Suite executives
  • Experience managing relationships with a C-Suite executive and business stakeholders
  • Significant experience providing the vision and strategy for IT programs and organisations

How is the CIO Academy different from an IT Conference?
The Academy offers a tailored leadership development experience through a unique and proven combination of keynote speakers, small group learning, and workshops. Whether your expertise lies in engineering, cyber security or IT, the Academy is an opportunity to take a step away from the tactics of your job and invest in your own leadership and professional development.

To learn more about our next CIO Academy, contact CXO Programme Manager Christian Qvist Grønning at

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