CFO for a day

CFO Finance in Deloitte Consulting will be hosting a whole day event which gives selected students a unique insight into the life as a consultant in CFO Finance. In addition to this, the day will be a unique opportunity to get close to consultants working in CFO Finance.

The day opens with a short presentation about CFO Finance, our aspiration, and operational approach to consulting. Next, you will be introduced to the most important and practical tools and principals within controlling and reporting, constituting the foundation for the daily decisions and area of responsibility for the CFO.

The day will then go into hand-on case-solving in small groups, perfectly giving a great insight into real-life team dynamics and daily tasks. Each group will be assigned a case assistant, available for questions and sparing the entire day. Throughout the day, you will also have plenty of opportunity to talk to other ambitious master students as well as Deloitte consultants.

A panel of judges, comprised of Deloitte employees, will evaluate the case solutions. The day will conclude with winner-announcements during an evening dinner. The candidate(s) displaying the right profile and attitude will also get the unique opportunity to have assigned a mentor for the remainder of your study. This person can be used as a contact to Deloitte, and talk to about all topics ranging from electives, classes, exams, daily life at Deloitte, managing work/life balance, choice of student job, and all other relevant questions.

The event is aimed at you as a masters student with an interested in operational finance, management accounting, and/or controlling and reporting, who wants to learn more about the opportunitites Deloitte Consulting CFO Finance offers as a post-graduate consultant. Do you want to learn and use the fundamentals in operational finance and controlling in hands-on case-solving, this is for you. Send in your application before deadline, Wednesday October 11th.

When and where?
It is an all-day event free of charge, including the evening dinner, on Monday October 23rd. The venue will be the Deloitte Copenhagen offices, Deloitte Huset, Weidekampsgade 6, 2300 Kbh S

CFO for a day

Please send in your application before deadline, Wednesday October 11th

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