Webinar: Emerging stronger after COVID-19      

Watch our Crisis Management webinar

On March 24 Tanja Juul Christiansen hosted a Crisis Management webinar on how to emerge stronger after COVID-19. 

Business leaders across every industry face a myriad of important and difficult decisions in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. These are extraordinary circumstances that we have not experienced before. Most companies are currently doing everything possible to stabilize the situation - knowing that the actions taken now, will define the way back, once the crisis fades out.

In this webinar, we will zoom in on crisis management, and touch upon the characteristics of a strong crisis response: What characterizes the organizations that manage to, not only return to business as usual, but that actually emerge stronger on the other side?

You can watch the recorded webinar from March 24 2020 here.

Watch our webinar to learn about:

  • Examples of good crisis management
  • Ideas as to how to respond efficiently to a crisis

Watch the recorded webinar

You can watch the Crisis Mangement webinar here.


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