Webinar: Leading from a distance

Join our webinar on how to lead your team through the lens of your computer  

You are hereby invited to join our webinar on remote leadership.

By now, our people have worked remotely for more than 2 weeks under these new circumstances. Circumstances, that do not seem to go away any time soon. This means, that you as a leader need to be focused on how to keep motivation high, while keeping your business running. 

You can sign up below and we look forward to 'seeing' you. 



As a participant you will get:

  • Eight tangible tips for mastering virtual leadership of teams
  • Inspiration to how to keep your authenticity as a leader in virtual space



The webinar is free of charge


If you have any questions regarding the webinar your are more than welcome to contact Camilla Alm


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Stine Degnegaard
+45 30 93 00 06
Camila Alm
+45 40 48 61 78

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