Women Leaders Global Forum 2018

Deloitte and the Women Leaders Global Forum

By supporting initiatives like the Women Leaders Global Forum, Deloitte does more than just promote diversity and inclusion. We convene some of the world’s smartest minds to advance the discussion on topics such as examining the root causes of barriers to progress, advancing women to leadership positions, creating workplace policies that support women, and preparing the next generation of women leaders.

Deloitte believes diversity – of thought, insight and life experience – enables the best ideas to grow and build business impact. By capitalizing on the talents of all our people, Deloitte provides clients exceptional service. We also believe that business and government should actively collaborate to advance society. As a Strategic Partner of the Women Leaders Global Forum, Deloitte engaged with outstanding global leaders across all sectors to discuss and share ideas and solutions to positively develop the number, and increase the power, of women in leadership positions. The event took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 26-28 November.

Women Leaders Global Forum 2018 theme: digitalization

The inaugural event explored “how digitalization has created an increasingly interconnected world, single-handedly changing the way we live, work and love”. We shared our perspectives on championing women through our senior delegation; by collaborating with Girl 2 Leader, a campaign dedicated to preparing the next generation of women leaders; and by hosting sessions focused on building inclusive organizations in a digital world.

Women Leaders Global Forum

Deloitte Delegation
Michele Parmelee

Chief Talent Officer
Deloitte Global

Elisabeth Denison

Chief Strategy & Talent Officer
Deloitte Germany

Terri Cooper

Chief Inclusion Officer
Deloitte US

Sigurður Páll Hauksson

Deloitte Iceland

Norma Kraay

Managing Partner for Talent
Deloitte Canada

Sunna Dóra Einarsdóttir

Deloitte Iceland

Emma Codd

Managing Partner for Talent
Deloitte NWE

Harpa Thorlaksdottir

HR Leader
Deloitte Iceland

Deloitte Sessions

As a strategic partner, Deloitte facilitated one Plenary and two Leaders Talk sessions:

Leadership today is dominated by men – 93% are Head of States and 95% are CEOs. It’s time for change. It’s time for girls and women to lead the world with brains and hearts. The mandate is clear. The time to act is now. For change to happen, we need to connect today’s leaders to the next generation of leaders. The case for more women in positions of leadership needs to be more loudly heard. This session presented inspirational guidance from leaders in politics and business on how to drive this change. Young leaders of tomorrow also shared what it means to lead in today’s digital world, and more importantly, how to Lead Like A Girl. Watch the recorded session on CBS News.

  • Moderator: Silvana Koch-Mehrin, President and Founder of WPL
  • Plenarists:
    • Michele Parmelee, Global Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte
    • Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, Chairperson of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia
  • #Girl2Leader Representatives:
    • Lauren Shum, electrical engineer at DEKA R&D; G(irl)20 delegate
    • Ryoko Ernst-Hites, 16-year-old Belgian student
    • Meghan Pearce, Legislative Aide for Congressman Jim Renacci (OH-16)

While the digital world increases the pace of business change and drives greater transparency, many of the traditional barriers to female progression remain. Societal norms, stereotypes and deeply engrained institutional, cultural and operational norms within organizations must be addressed to drive greater gender balance. Emma led an interactive session on the pre-conditions that need to be in place to drive meaningful and sustainable change, and the practical actions required to build inclusive organizations.

Notions of leadership today should evolve. Today, many people no longer want to be just invited to a ‘party’, they want to ‘dance’. Many are seeking leaders who embody emotional intelligence and can cultivate an inclusive culture that fosters acceptance and authenticity across the whole organization. This shift in expectation requires a mixture of hard and soft power traits from leaders, to enable them to lead a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone can ‘dance’. Terri led an interactive session on the key traits of inclusive leaders, and the day-to-day actions that leaders can embrace to drive inclusivity in their organizations.

The topics discussed at WLGF are not just women’s issues; they are ALL our issues. In the fourth industrial revolution, the march towards equality must become a sprint. Anything less can no longer be accepted, can no longer be tolerated.

We look forward to building an exciting new era for women leaders.