Digital transformation and global expertise

Consulting generated an extraordinary result for 2017/18 with an increase in revenue of 37%. The increase was across the public as well as the private sector and was mainly a result of a growing demand for our business transformation capabilities, and digital solutions combined with a number of major global client projects.

To help position our clients better for future growth, Consulting has made further investments in developing our capabilities within emerging business disruptors, including automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics. Our investments in new technologies continue, ensuring that we are capable of helping our clients with their most complex transformational challenges.

In 2017/18, we also strengthened the collaboration with our strategic partners - some of the world’s leading technology and service companies to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Partnerships that enables our clients to rapidly adopt and leverage the potential of digital solutions. The next wave of SAP S/4HANA is developing rapidly along with e-commerce and HR solutions, such as Hybris, Adobe, SAP, Successfactors and Workday. We will continue to create, use and grow relationships with leading digital brands.

Digital transformation now accounts for the vast proportion of the work conducted in Consulting, positively affecting our strategy services in Monitor Deloitte, which helps our clients establish clear and coherent strategies. Monitor Deloitte is now in a stronger position than ever, as the digital agenda has become a C-level priority. A number of important wins made 2017/18 a successful year in Monitor Deloitte, auguring well for FY19.

In June 2018, we acquired Struensee & Co., a high-end strategy firm focusing on the public sector. Together, we now operate a leading strategy practice at scale and across industries.

Deloitte Digital also gained traction in 2017/18, as we opened the doors to our new premises, Deloitte Studio in December. The workspace is designed to spark creativity, idea generation and co-creation between clients and client teams, and bears a resemblance to the environments in digital agencies. The intention is to create a workplace that appeals to the diverse profiles we employ in Deloitte Digital, including digital developers, engineers, designers and other creatives. Furthermore, we want to be able to offer our clients a different and distinct experience.

To succeed in helping our clients with their most complex business issues, we need people with different skill sets and mindsets . The common denominator is their ability to think business and innovation while deploying technology. Our success as a high-performing organisation is dependent on our ability to attract and retain our people through continourous development and a strong focus on leadership. Our people are our top priority and we do everything in our power to create a flexible and agile workplace with a high level of diversity, inclusion and openness.

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