Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory

Increasing demand for IT security drives growth

International cyber attacks, new technology advancements and a more complex regulatory environment are all factors contributing to our increased market footprint. These areas have opened up new market opportunities for Risk Advisory, and the demand and usage of tech-driven and innovative solutions have helped bring down costs, thereby contributing to the significant growth in 2017/18.

With a 40% growth in Cyber and an overall growth of 7% in Risk Advisory, we can look back at a positive and busy year. Hardly a day goes by without a cyber-related incident hitting the headlines, which is a good indicator of the extent of the current market demand for cyber security. Cyber represents huge potential going forward, which is why we have scaled up significantly. Four years ago, twelve people ran our Cyber division, and today more than 100 people work on solutions to fight the Cyber threat faced by Danish organisations. Heavy investments in Cyber prove our commitment to be the undisputed leader within cyber services in Denmark.

However, the growth in Risk Advisory is also driven by the GDPR regulation effective from 25 May 2018, as well as the digital transformation agenda and crisis management and brand protection.

In response to current market trends, Risk Advisory has, among many other solutions, launched DPO (Data Protection Officer) services, where we assist clients in matters concerning GDPR, data and privacy protection. Within the financial services industry, we are ramping up with more RegTech and FinTech solutions, as we expect the demand for such solutions to increase in the near future.

Finally, crisis management and brand protection is a strategic focus area that is picking up fast. Clients know that strengthening resilience is more important than ever, as digital platforms allow an issue to spread like wildfire throughout the world and jeopardise the reputation and financial stability. To meet the increasing demand for brand and reputation management services, we have brought in a new partner as of 1 June to lead this strategic risk area.

In FY19, we will continue to introduce new services that will help companies gain traction in the global arena and help them take advantage of our reputation as one of the most digitalised countries in the world. This is making an impact that matters.

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