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Small Great Nation is a joint initiative by Deloitte and think tank Kraka to enable a fact-based discussion about Denmark’s future and strongholds.

The initiative aims to counteract fake news and misinformation by providing factual analyses of Denmark’s challenges and opportunities, facilitating a dialogue across businesses, the public sector, organisations and enthusiasts, engaging people to discuss and co-create on better solutions for bringing Denmark forward – and for including everyone on the journey.

Small Great Nation was launched at a big conference in Tivoli Congress with a report on productivity, globalisation, innovation and Danish strongholds. We also asked 100 leaders about their perspective on our future, and the message is clear and coherent: The outlook for Denmark is positive in terms of a strong foundation to build on, high productivity levels and growing demand for what we are good at – pharma, cleantech and shipping. However, our biggest challenge as a nation is education and skills to meet those demands. We must place a stronger focus on skills development, education and lifelong learning – and we need to co-create in new ways to make this happen.

One year in, Small Great Nation has engaged politicians, business leaders and entrepreneurs in the discussion – both nationally and at local roadshows. Videos, reports, press activities and events across the country and a new podcast series are among the channels we have used for disseminating new facts and promoting the discussion. The project continues for two years with new analyses, events and podcasts in the pipeline.

As a global player, we must take a responsibility in the world we live in. Small Great Nation is a great example hereof. It encompasses our strategic position and goal and stands as a flagship initiative, which our clients, talents and other stakeholders are happy to take part in.

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