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Aligning goals and strategy to get international success

When Danish TripleNine in 2013 merged with the Norwegian Koppernæs Group to form TripleNine Group A/S, the largest fish meal and fish oil company in Scandinavia, the synergies did not come as fast as expected. In reality, the organisation was challenged by a misalignment between the new company’s growth strategy and organisational goals.

According to Jes Bjerregaard, CEO at TripleNine Group, the initial problem was that the strategy was mostly written on a piece of paper instead of being committed by all stakeholders and therefore not really executed

“The hard part is to go from formulating goals to executing the strategy. This requires serious commitment from owners, board of directors and management to commit and engage employees. It is important that leaders are aligned and in agreement of what direction your company should go”, says Jes Bjerregaard.

Danish SMEs are finding it hard to convert goals into actionable strategies according to a recent report conducted by Epinion for Deloitte. While Danish SMEs are good at defining ambitious and clear growth goals, they lag behind when it comes to carrying out the strategy needed to fulfil those goals. According to the SMEs, internal and external growth barriers such as lack of qualified employees, talent attraction, tough legislation and regulation are challenging them.

From Jes Bjerregard’s perspective, this should not be an excuse to aim high.

“Everybody can write down a growth strategy and deliver a good excuse for why you are not fulfilling it. Legislation is an example of such an excuse. The same rules apply to all, and some companies make it big, so I believe organisational readiness are where you need to focus. This requires an ability – and the courage - to change competences, roles and adjust the general operation. This is not easy, but this is where it really matters”, he says.

Something could indicate that Jes Bjerregaard and the TripleNine Group has followed this formula. Since he started in 2016, TripleNine Group has undergone a transformational journey and aligned organisational goals with growth strategy and international ambitions. The company has now a strong platform with a profitable revenue of DKK 1.8 billion and a solid balance sheet to realize the ambitious goals in the years to come.

According to Jørn Jepsen, partner at Deloitte and LCSP at the TripleNine Group, SMEs need to look inwards if they want to overcome the growth barriers:

“The management in SMEs need to make a joint decision that every organisational goal is always followed by a clear and achievable strategy including strategic clarity about how every single growth barrier is conquered. We have a huge potential in Denmark – that is something we need to harness if we want to be a global player in the future”, says Jørn Jepsen.

About TripleNine Group
The TripleNine Group comprises a number of production, trading and sales companies in Denmark, Norway and Chile. The companies are engaged in the development, production, marketing and sales of fish meal and fish oil as animal feed ingredient for aquaculture, agriculture and pet food. Approximately 250 employees from a wide range of nationalities are employed in TripleNine Group A/S.

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