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UNLEASH-ing an impact that matters

The days of businesses focusing solely on profits are over. Today they must also focus on people, purpose and our planet.
~ Anders Dons, CEO & Partner

In August 2017, 1,000 talented people from 129 countries gathered in Denmark to solve some of the most complex challenges we face as a global community. Known as UNLEASH, the initiative brings together some of the brightest and most innovative young minds from across the world, with the aim of finding solutions for the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

As the lead innovation partner for UNLEASH, we were responsible for the design and delivery of a four-day SDG innovation lab spanning seven ‘tracks’ targeting each of the SDGs, including education, health and sustainable consumption. Forty-five of our people across Deloitte North West Europe took the participants on each track through the innovation phases of problem framing, ideation, prototyping and testing before each team pitched their solutions to investors.

Through this, we helped them create nearly 200 innovative solutions, including a digital platform to support deaf people in developing countries to learn sign language; low-cost health centres in the most remote and vulnerable communities in Uganda to provide high quality healthcare to rural citizens; and a virtual reality program to improve empathy towards migrants in western countries. These proposals are now seeking support from investors, experts, mentors, and more than 200 UNLEASH partner organisations globally.

UNLEASH will be a recurring event every year until 2030. This year, we will be bringing together 1,000 young people in Singapore, where we will once again facilitate the SDG innovation workshop. The best solutions will receive an award and be given funding or professional services to help make it a reality.

Our support for UNLEASH embodies our WorldClass initiative, which aims to use our skills, experience and global reach to empower 50 million people through education, skills development and access to employment. Camilla Hellemann Sørensen, a consultant at Deloitte in Denmark and an UNLEASH participant, said: “I have a high sense of responsibility and I am eager to be part of changing the world… UNLEASH gives me the chance to contribute to the common path towards a better and more sustainable future.

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