Last year we stated: “The world is changing, and so are we,” and this year is no different. Our mission to create a workplace where ambitions and life balance naturally co-exist is still our number one priority. We have lengths to cross, but we are proud to be leading the industry in both heart and mind.  

While making a revenue growth of 6 per cent in Audit & Assurance in FY22, we continued our relentless focus on creating value for our clients, digitising our business, and sustaining market-leading quality. 

We have continued executing on our vision to reimagine audit – and building a sustainable model for our people is essential to our success. At the beginning of the year, we discontinued engagements with a significant number of clients in the scale of 100,000 working hours.   

We reduced working hours and freed up time across the entire business, and although we still have more to do, we believe this initiative has created the foundation to create even more impact for our clients. And although we have not reached a sustainable balance yet, it was an important signal to change the work culture dominating our industry. 


Youthful insight and building trust in society 
In January, we launched a Young Advisory Board to work with our leadership team on strategy and business development. Their perspectives on how to succeed with building a sustainable people model are insightful, necessary, and inspiring. The future of Audit & Assurance belongs to our talents, and we grow as we listen and learn from them. 

Looking back at FY22 and the aftermath of the pandemic, we are proud of how we revitalised our role as guardians of trust in society. We helped keep the wheels of society turning with free counselling for businesses to manage bookkeeping in a challenging situation with little income, support from the Government and loans. We should never underestimate the importance of audits to inform trust and transparency in society – even though we live in a country where the level of corruption and fraud is very low. 

Our Assurance business is growing. Given that new trends emerge, and society demands more and different services from audits, we have continued to develop our services to deliver on future demands and create more value for our clients. Especially within ESG, we expect our offerings to scale significantly in the future as we will help companies prepare for and report on sustainability measures. 

As for our brilliant team in Audit & Assurance, we have grown in FY22 and expect to grow even further in FY23 to meet the demand. We continue to put our talents first because we need the best and brightest minds to deliver a client experience beyond the expected. Luckily for us, the future talents in Audit & Assurance acknowledge that and once again have placed us as the #1 place to work in the industry, according to Universum. 

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