FY23 was another year of steady top-line growth in Deloitte Consulting, largely driven by our prioritised clients and hyper-growth areas. But the last year also brought significant change as we continued to re-invent our organisation at the crossroads of technology, talent development and the global, transformative agendas.

In Deloitte Consulting we constantly strive to improve our ways of working as we have always done and will always do. FY23 was no exception. In a world of fast technological change, new ways of working, and a global movement of climate action, our organisation is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the latest developments – and to remain a trusted transformation partner to our clients. Revenue growth of 12 per cent shows this is the right strategy – as we continue to support our clients in facing the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our continued growth was cemented already at the beginning of the financial year when we welcomed 50 new consultants from Framework Digital to our successful team of SAP specialists. Over the year, our new colleagues have helped some of Denmark’s most prestigious companies embrace the many new possibilities offered by the SAP S/4HANA technology. Indeed, they also contributed to Deloitte’s highest ranking ever among IT students in the 2023 Universum survey of Denmark’s most attractive employers.

To help our clients succeed in the digital economy is something we do with great pride and humility, and we are committed to continuously investing in new capabilities to stay at the forefront of technological change.

In FY2023, we intensified our collaboration with our global ecosystem of alliance partners, including Salesforce, Service Now, AWS, Google, Kinaxis, Workday, SAP, and others. We also explored ground-breaking technologies such as generative AI, which allows both companies and public organisations to unlock value in ways that were almost unimaginable a few years ago.

Keeping hold of our talents, while growing our team
In Deloitte Consulting, we have spent decades creating a vibrant workplace where our talents thrive, where there is room for diversity, and where we always meet our clients with empathy and respect.

In FY23, we continued our work to make Deloitte Consulting the best place to work for both young and experienced talents. We are proud to see that our talents choose to stay with us for a longer time of their career, which is a clear result of the unique value proposition we offer.

As the world changes, so does our working culture. Our talents want more flexibility, more mobility, they want to find purpose and meaning, and they want to be more closely involved in the commercial processes of our firm even from a young age. They also want lifelong learning opportunities, which is something we are strongly committed to giving them.

Providing our talents with the right career opportunities also means working more closely with Deloitte colleagues in other countries, especially in the Nordics. In FY23, we paved the way for an even closer collaboration across the Nordics, allowing our talents to take advantage of more multi-disciplinary work, more knowledge-sharing across borders, and more chances to inspire our Nordic clients with pioneering solutions.

Steering our clients through complex times
Looking back on the history of Deloitte Consulting, we have never had a more diverse, creative and passionate team, with talents from many different places and with many different backgrounds. What unites us, however, is our unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed, whether it is through transforming their existing business, through mergers and acquisitions, or through exploring brand new avenues of sustainable growth.

The climate-aligned economy is surely the economy of the future – and its design is vastly different from today’s. Already, policies and market forces are driving innovations that are cascading across industrial systems and interconnected global supply chains. In FY23, we have significantly increased our investments in these areas to reflect the increasing demand.

More than ever before, our clients have spent the last year looking for new ways to maximise the value of their core business – and we have been privileged to support them on these important journeys. We have done this through our deep domain expertise, our broad industry insights, and our continued determination to make an impact that matters, which is the hallmark of our organisation.

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