In FY22, Consulting was on a growth train to impressive results. Not only did we onboard more than 350 new employees and strengthened our capabilities as a team. We also saw a remarkable growth in revenue, largely fuelled by our strategically prioritised clients. 

Embedding strategy and sustainability in digital transformation are becoming more important than ever. A digital transformation that narrowly concerns the technology is no longer enough, and our clients ask for transformational growth.  

It has been a dynamic year marked by two acquisitions. Last summer, we onboarded and integrated the team from Syncronic, strengthening Deloitte’s skills in supply chain demand which – since the acquisition – has been top of the agenda with most of our commercial clients. We recently added further to our technological and transformational skills by acquiring Framework Digital in May.  

The alliance with our vendors grew closer in FY22 and we now offer a wide and deep range of tech-enabled consulting services in close cooperation with SAP, Salesforce, Service Now, AWS, Google, Kinaxis, Workday, and others. Alliances are increasingly important for us to deliver transformational impact to our clients. 

Exceptional team on a growth sprint
As to the Consulting team, it is second to none. We have onboarded 353 employees on the team this year, and we have made an effort to make all the new talents feel welcome and socially integrated, e.g. with offsite events after a tiresome period of lockdown and social distancing.  

I see our recruitment success as a testament to our world-class employee value proposition. We take pride in developing the consultants and leaders of tomorrow with all the skills demanded in the future. Developing our talents is our number one priority, and we focus on developing each of our talents individually within the strong and inclusive culture of Deloitte. 

Our talents in Deloitte Consulting make a huge difference thanks to their combined technological and strategic capabilities. In this financial year, we cemented our position as the preferred business transformation partner of our clients.  

After the pandemic, hybrid working has become permanent when working with our clients as well as internally on the team. The new way of working has increased team flexibility and allows for a more efficient and seamless service for clients. 

Results and expectations
In terms of financial performance, FY22 has been nothing but outstanding, with a revenue growth of 29 per cent, which generally outperforms the market. This positive development results from prioritising strategically important clients more in terms of time and resources in alignment with our strategy. 

The largest growth driver this year has been the M&A-enabled transformation services, in which we have helped clients through massive transactions, but also tech-enabled and front-end integration-enabled consulting services have driven significant growth. These areas are essential to our clients, and we expect our services within these areas to grow even more in FY23.  

The sustainability agenda has come to stay but is not separated from our core business or strategy. Our clients expect us to embed sustainability in everything we do, and our focus is to enable our clients to transform sustainably throughout their business, whether it is within Strategy, Data & Analytics, Supply Chain, Finance or IT.  

Consequently, we have a relentless focus on sustainability enabling all our offerings to bring tangible value to our clients on this agenda. We will continue to invest in sustainable, technological, and transformational capabilities to stay ahead of the demand and provide exceptional consultancy services to our clients. 

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