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Reimagining audit – founded on trust

The audit of today is not the audit of tomorrow. That is why we are reimagining it. Audit & Assurance has embarked on the second chapter of our transformational journey, Reimagine Audit. This is our response to how digitalisation, automation, changing stakeholder expectations, and demands are transforming the business landscape. We are working ambitiously to redefine the nature of audit with market-leading quality, cutting-edge technology, world-class solutions, and the best teams across the globe, so that we can continue to create outstanding client experiences while meeting regulators' expectations.

Last year, we consolidated our business by creating competence hubs in fewer locations. While this affected our revenue, Audit & Assurance turned last year’s flat growth into a 2 per cent revenue growth.

“When it comes to our clients, trusting our quality is their decision. Proving them right is our legitimacy.”

Henrik Wellejus, Head of Audit & Assurance

A people business with a digital mindset

Innovation, talent, and new technology are at the core of Reimagine Audit. By leveraging state-of-the-art audit analytics tools, we can deliver a far more data-driven audit. We can empower our people to increase audit efficiency, perform audits of the highest quality, and contribute with value adding business insights to help our clients gain new perspectives into their businesses. In 2018/19, we invested heavily in our analytics capabilities and we are excited about the impact we can make on the market.

“I believe we are pioneers in changing the audit industry. Innovation is a natural part of my work at Deloitte and something that I am proud of.”

Magnus Stagsted, Manager

Technological enablers are a crucial part of audit’s future. But as the world becomes increasingly more digitalised and automated, personal skills and human qualities such as ethics, trust and personal relations are what make us unique. Our goal is to be more than our clients’ auditor, we strive to be their trusted adviser.

This is also evident in how we recruit and motivate our people, who increasingly aspire to work with audit innovation, become pioneers, and develop personally and professionally. They want to be part of a journey that gives them the opportunity to redefine audit and how they work with clients.

In Audit & Assurance, our job is to build trust and confidence in companies and capital markets. In today’s era of uncertainty, fake news, mistrust, and lack of transparency, trust has become more important than ever before. While we continue our transformative journey of Reimaging Audit, maintaining exceptional quality, and building trust will remain at the core of everything we do.

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