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Transforming the future for our clients through new ecosystems

In Consulting, we have had another great year with growth across both the public and private sectors, resulting in a solid revenue increase by 13 per cent. Even though the market is experiencing increasing uncertainty about the future, this has not yet affected the rising demand for transformative solutions and expert advice. We have grown through technology enabled transformative projects in particular – delivered in close collaboration with our global alliance partners.

The alliances we create set us apart

Our global alliance partners include SAP, Salesforce, Apple, Google, Workday, Amazon and McLaren. By collaborating across this ecosystem of strategic partners, we provide world-class insights and market-leading solutions that are tailored, yet scalable. These partnerships help our clients thrive and take the next step into the future.

”For me, Deloitte represents the future of consulting. The space to live a full life, while solving complex problems.”

Søren Birch Bødker Kristensen, Senior Consultant

The Impact we make

As Denmark's largest consultancy, we have a significant impact on our society, our clients and our people The nature of this impact depends on the type of clients we serve. Our overriding purpose is to help transform and move our clients to the next level by leveraging the rigor of the current market opportunities and preparing them for future waves of change.

In the public sector, we help to shape the future welfare state through better, more digitalised solutions. A strong focus on value and quality is fundamental to improve the welfare state, the well-being of its people and to promote trust in institutions.

“Many businesses must undergo profound transformation to remain financially and socially sustainable. We want to help them succeed with this transformation. Today and tomorrow.”

Martin Søegaard, Head of Consulting

We also play a key role in reinventing the financial institutions of the future. The industry is undergoing fundamental transformation, due to changing regulations and because the public is increasingly holding banks and insurance companies responsible for their role in ensuring fair and sustainable growth across society.

In the private sector, we help to increase productivity and growth through business transformation. When we empower our clients to become more competitive within their core business, they are also better positioned to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, which are among their top priorities, as well as Deloitte’s.

One year ago, we acquired the management consultancy firm Struensee & Co., which has proved to be a perfect match. The unique combination of their deep public sector knowledge and Deloitte’s network of competencies have enabled us to deliver a market-leading value proposition that has resulted in major client projects.

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