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Strong team spirit fuels impressive growth

With a 32 per cent increase in revenue, Financial Advisory has achieved another impressive all-time high growth rate, despite operating in a stagnating market. We have grown from three to five service lines by adding Forensic and Financial Services Advisory to our portfolio and increased our headcount by 20 per cent. This investment has contributed positively to our growth.

Building an integrated team

By investing heavily in highly skilled partners and employees, we have succeeded in building broad and integrated teams with a high level of competence and execution power – making both new service lines scalable from day one and even profitable from year one – which is a great achievement by our team.

“It’s inspiring to work with clients and colleagues who are really passionate about what they do.”

Lise Korsager Ørtoft, Director

In Corporate Finance, Transaction Services and Financial Management Advisory, we have doubled the number of equity partners and onboarded new partners to develop our profile, expertise and minimise risk by having more shoulders to lift the responsibility. These talented people help us achieve our ambition to build strong industry teams that enable us to meet our clients with better, broader and more flexible offerings. To ensure that our clients have access to the right industry expertise, we have also strengthened our collaboration within our global organisation.

High impact culture

Our purpose is clear: we only take on assignments that have a significant impact for our clients. This often concerns maximising value, since we help to protect and divert capital to where it can flourish the most. By finding better ownership that can develop the company and increase its value, we help to ensure that they develop and survive in the long run.

“I am extremely proud that we have an M&A unit that delivers best-in-class solutions in a culture, in which we have fun and take care of each other.”

Sigurd Ersted Jensen, Head of Financial Advisory

We also stimulate growth through Public & Private Partnership models, as we help the public sector find funding and partners for infrastructure projects. In our Forensic unit, we limit clients’ exposure to threats such as fraud, corruption, and money laundering – practices that undermine the sustainable development of organisations and society.

Our culture is absolutely key to our success. It is a high performance, high-five culture in which we have fun, celebrate our successes and learn from our failures - and where we take care of each other like a family. We strive to make all talents aware of how attractive it is to be part of this community – regardless of gender, age or experience. We are particularly happy to see an increase in women among last year’s hires as well as a more diverse pool of talents.

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