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Hitting the data jackpot with Danske Spil

Danske Spil is the Danish national lottery, established in 1948. More than seventy years later, increased usage of data and advanced analytics is providing the company with new insights and learnings.

With support from the Deloitte Analytics & Cognitive team, Danske Spil now uses the data to reduce addictive gambling behaviour, spot potential money laundering as well as tailor marketing efforts, and support product development.

More insights, better chances

During the last couple of years, Danske Spil has taken a big step towards becoming an insight-driven organisation. We have assisted them to implement modern technologies such as machine learning and advanced analytics algorithms, enabling the company’s Business Insights department to regularly provide valuable insights to top management.

“Our insights and analysis enable us to make the right decisions. Previously, we’ve relied too much on intuition and instincts, but as we’re now much more insight and data-driven, we have a better understanding of what the future might look like. This increases our ability to act and adapt quickly to how the market develops, and it allows us to chase new value-creating opportunities,”

Allan Auning-Hansen, CFO at Danske Spil.

He mentioned that Danske Spil’s market share has increased and acknowledged that part of the success can be accredited to the company’s enhanced focus on utilising data and advanced analytics.

”The more insights you have, the better are your chances of beating your competitors,” Allan Auning-Hansen added.

Accelerating the transformation

In the past year, Danske Spil’s Business Insights department has developed and implemented several sought-after analyses and models. Among other things, the company has initiated AI-based insights to reduce the termination rates of their PLUS subscriptions, and to increase their revenue and profit on digital and physical lottery tickets.

Danske Spil has also implemented machine learning algorithms to help the company segment its more than 700,000 online customers into six different groups according to preferences.

“As we are now able to tailor campaigns to the user’s preferences, we have become much more relevant. The flow of data enables the segmentation and it completely changes the way we launch campaigns and how we are measuring the effects of campaigns”

Frederik Nordentoft, Head of Business Insights at Danske Spil

We have worked closely together with Danske Spil for a number of years, with a range of our business units supporting them on their journey. By bringing best practices and the newest technologies within data management and advanced analytics to Danske Spil, we have been able to help accelerate this transformation.

“Working with Deloitte for the past five years has been a very positive and exciting journey. Building on our historic collaboration with many different business lines, there is no doubt that working with Deloitte, and having them bring the right talent, technology and practices has contributed to the strength of Danske Spil today. Deloitte will also in the future be a strong partner on Danske Spil’s journey of innovation, growth and strong results,” said Allan Auning-Hansen.

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