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More men taking parental leave

At Deloitte, more and more men are now taking their share of parental leave. This trend shows that we are moving in the right direction and are starting to build a culture that invites men to enjoy this unique stage of their lives with their families. More men taking parental leave is an important agenda – not only for Deloitte, but for many organisations – to improve gender diversity and ensure more women in leadership.

Andreas Svane, one of Deloitte’s employees, decided to take nine months’ parental leave.

Why did you choose to take nine months’ parental leave?

I took nine months’ parental leave because I wanted to experience and be part of my son’s development and everyday life from the very beginning. This was a really unique opportunity that I knew I had to seize at this time.

What was the reaction from your immediate leader and colleagues?

My immediate leader and colleagues reacted positively when I told them that I would be taking nine months’ parental leave. A lot of my colleagues were surprised that it was even possible. It felt nice to be met with such positivity.

Do you think your parental leave has affected your career options?

I did not take a step back when leaving, I just took a break in my career development.

I recognise that I did not acquire any professional skills while I was on parental leave, but I did acquire a lot of personal skills, and I am certain that I will be able to integrate those skills into my working life.

How was it to return from parental leave?

Returning to work after my leave was painless. I had an ongoing dialogue with my leader and coach, so when I returned I could continue from where I left, and I knew exactly which clients and assignments to focus on. My colleagues welcomed me back and were interested in hearing about my leave. Finally, the flexible work hours enable me to balance my family and work life.

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