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Shaping the future of risk management

This year, we have achieved an impressive 14 per cent growth. While cyber has been a primary growth driver in recent years, this year we have also seen high growth rates within more traditional services, such as operational risks, assurance and internal controls.

Turning risk into opportunity

In four years, Risk Advisory has gone from 80 to 199 employees and more than doubled in revenue. Geopolitical turmoil, digitalisation, cloud transformation, and an increase in hacker attacks continue to cause uncertainty and stimulate demand for risk management.

”Creating different career paths catalyse diversity in leadership – and I am excited to be a part of this journey in Deloitte.”

Anne Kathrine Wennergren Holm, Director

We have, therefore, invested significantly in technology and added complimentary services to our risk management offerings. By bundling our services, we can offer a unique, one-stop-shop where clients benefit from innovative services such as risk monitoring, mitigation, incident response and compliance. We have become the executive level’s strategic partner, who delivers actionable insights and digitalised, value-adding solutions.

Our goal is to shape the future of risk management. A future that is dependent on the long-term goals and sustainable development of organisations. As a result, we help clients measure and optimize their non-financial efforts with a focus on environmental, social and governance risk management.

For the seventh year, Gartner ranks Deloitte no. 1 globally in Security Consulting Services1. We are proud that our Cyber Risk services continue to be the preferred choice for organisations who seek to manage cyber risk and leverage cyber opportunities. As data continues to grow in numbers and application, so will our privacy protection solutions.

Cloud risk management will be a key priority for our clients. This transformation will require a holistic review of the organisation’s risk management capabilities including security, managed services and privacy domains. A transformation, we help our clients navigate through.

Accommodating a diverse workforce

Our talents range from information technologists to legal experts. This diversity enables us to create innovative ideas. To leverage this diversity, we opened Horizon – an office designed to stimulate entrepreneurial minds and creative thinking.

“I try to lead by example and show that you can pick up your children from daycare and make a career in Deloitte at the same time.”

Thomas Brun, Head of Risk Advisory

To accommodate our young parents, we offer flexible working conditions to create a better work-life balance. As a result, our employee turnover has dropped to 15 per cent.

1 https:// www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/about-deloitte/press-releases/deloitte-ranked-no-one-globally-by-gartner-in-security-consulting-services-for-2018.html

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