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Small Great Nation

Small Great Nation is a joint initiative by Deloitte and think tank Kraka to enable a fact-based discussion about Denmark’s future and strongholds. The initiative aims to lay out Denmark’s challenges and opportunities, facilitating a dialogue across businesses, the public sector, and organisations, engaging people to discuss and co-create on better solutions for bringing Denmark forward – and for including everyone on the journey.

Two years in, we have released four reports on Danish strongholds, social cohesion, harvesting the high-hanging fruits and the welfare state towards 2040. With Small Great Nation, we have engaged ministers, CEOs and entrepreneurs in the discussion. Videos, social media, podcasts, press activities, and events across the country are among the channels we have used to communicate facts and promote the discussion.

Recommendations for our joint future

With the four reports, we round off the first part of the Small Great Nation ambition with a selection of recommendations based on the most significant topics. The recommendations are tested in the many debates and in our CEO Sounding Board. The recommendations fall into four areas:

  • The Coherent Denmark
  • Growth and industries
  • Teaching and education
  • The labour market

The response and impact have been extraordinary. That is why we have decided to continue the initiative for another two years with new analyses, events and podcasts in the pipeline.

As a global player, we must take a responsibility in the world we live in. Small Great Nation is a great example hereof. It encompasses our strategic position and goal and stands as a flagship initiative, which our clients, talents and other stakeholders are happy to take part in.

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  • 4 conferences (with Brian Mikkelsen, Mai Mercado, Herman van Rompuy, Francois Zimeray, Jeff Gravenhorst and others)
  • 4 reports (Danish Strongholds, Social Cohesion, Harvesting the high-hanging fruits and Mission Possible? The welfare state towards 2040)
  • 6 roadshows (Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Herning, Esbjerg and Copenhagen)
  • 15 podcast episodes (with Søren Skou, Mads Nipper, Marianne Dahl, Tommy Ahlers, Emilia van Hauen and others)
  • 200 press articles (in just 3 months)

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