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SMEs lead the way with the SDG Accelerator

A year ago, we set out to help Danish small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their business models, together with UNDP and the Danish Industry Foundation. We can now celebrate the first 13 cases that have undergone the SDG Accelerator programme, while the next group of 19 SMEs have eagerly embarked on the journey to make impactful solutions to the challenges embedded in the SDGs.

“The SDGs contain an enormous growth potential for companies. Through the SDG Accelerator, we help SMEs innovate their way into sustainable business opportunities.”

Bahare Haghshenas, Partner

The first 13 participating companies are great cases of how new products, new business models and services cannot only present a viable business model, but also contribute to a new path. A few examples are:

Desmi has developed a method to collect plastic in rivers and streams so that the plastic does not end up polluting the oceans. The plastic is then converted into energy.

TripleNine has teamed up with partners from public, private and research-based organisations to develop a solution whereby mussels are used to collect nitrogen from the sea and then turned into fish feed. The aim is to have a positive impact on the marine environment and enable us to produce more food for the world’s population.

Ingemann Climatica has launched an IT solution to measure and track data from the soil to improve crop yields of cocoa and coffee beans in Central America.

In all of these cases, we have applied our innovation methodology, our strategy and facilitation skills, and our digital knowledge to support the development of new solutions with a strong impact. We look forward to add 19 new cases to this portfolio, after we have taken the current group of SMEs through the SDG Accelerator programme.

Bahare Haghshenas, partner in Deloitte, who is working on the project, explains:

“With the SDG Accelerator, we see companies embracing more sustainable models. By applying their creativity and working with experts from the UN and innovation facilitators from Deloitte, small and medium-sized companies are taking the driver’s seat in solving some of the persistent challenges we face in society and developing new business opportunities.”

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