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Spreading the sister spirit all over the world

As teenagers, the two brothers Mikkel Grene and Cresten Grene didn’t dream of taking over their parents’ company, Søstrene Grene. This quickly changed, however, once the two brothers started working at Søsterne Grene. Since their first visit, the company has been embedded in the two brothers’ DNA, and today Mikkel Grene is CEO and Cresten Grene is Creative Director.

Mikkel and Cresten are the second generation of the Grene family to lead the company that their parents established in 1973. Being a family-owned business is something very special for the two brothers.

“Being a family-owned business enables us to create long-term strategies and to focus on what we believe is best for Søstrene Grene. It also means that we can shape the culture of Søstrene Grene – a culture we have named ‘the sister spirit’. ‘The sister spirit’ encompasses our values at Søstrene Grene and is about being supportive and compassionate about your colleagues. This culture makes you feel part of a big family,” say Mikkel and Cresten.

This culture is at the heart of Søstrene Grene, and has become increasingly important as the company has grown rapidly in recent years. During the last seven years, Søstrene Grene has evolved from being a company primarily based in Scandinavia, to having 240 stores in 16 countries. During the last three years alone, the company has doubled its number of employees.

“Considering how rapidly we have developed our business during the last seven years, I hope that we can accelerate the pace in the future and take the client experience to another level by continuingto give our customers unique experiences,” says Cresten Grene.

Søstrene Grene’s international ambitions and Deloitte’s expertise in helping Danish family-owned businesses to grow have resulted in a close partnership from the beginning.

“There is no doubt that Deloitte has helped us to succeed with our mission to internationalise our business. Deloitte has been part of our international journey, and having a team with international experience and knowledge behind us has made us feel comfortable and safe. This has been particularly true in situations where tough decisions were necessary in order to move forward,” says Mikkel Grene.

About Deloitte Family Business

Denmark is a nation of successful family owned businesses whose international success is based on strong cultures, values and legacies. The Deloitte Family Business team understands that a family business is not just a company. It is a life’s work built on passion, dreams, hard work and hopes of passing the business on to the next generation.

Having worked with family businesses for years, we understand the challenges these businesses face. We take the time to comprehend the family dynamic, culture, and objectives to support long lasting strategies. We have a specialised approach to advising family-owned businesses, connecting them with peers who face similar challenges, such as succession planning. Furthermore, we work with families to help them articulate their goals and anchor these within the family structure and organisation.

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