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The journey towards partnership

Ensuring the partnership’s diversity means that the road to partnership differs from partner to partner. Every partner is unique and contributes with an individual skillset. We have a structured and comprehensive partner nomination process, ensuring that all candidates are supported and wellprepared for their nomination.

Christine Schmitz joined the partnership on 1 June 2019 and shares her journey here:

How did your journey to partnership start?

I joined Deloitte four years ago and I didn’t have a clear ambition to pursue partnership within four years of starting my career. My focus has been on my projects, our clients, and the people in society that are affected by our projects – and also on my team and how we could have fun along the way.

How did you experience the journey towards becoming a partner?

Even though I think that the first part was a tight and stressful process, I learned a lot from it. It was important for me to have the time to think out my case and work with it, since it constitutes my plan for what to focus on during the next few years. Even though the process is intensive, on and off, I have received fantastic help, support and reflection from my Talent Manager and other colleagues around me. This has been important to me and a truly positive experience.

What message would you like to share?

In my experience, you can pursue partnership at Deloitte without this being a part of your career plan from day one. This naturally requires hard work and results, but if you have that, then you will be well on your way.

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