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Henrik Wellejus, Head of Audit & Assurance

This year, our transformational journey of Reimagine Audit was the imperative at our core. We have secured some great wins and achievements, confirming that we are on the right path of redefining Audit & Assurance. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit during our absolute peak season, we were busy advising our clients on the economic aid packages while working on their audits. The pandemic taken into account, we are satisfied that our revenue is at the same level as last year.

Our impact

Our key focus has been on accelerating the transformation of our business by increasing the use of technology to support our audits and sustain market-leading quality. We have strengthened our market activities, which has resulted in important wins in Audit & Assurance. Among many, we won the audit of Novo Nordisk and TDC – two signature clients – and we have delivered improved quality documented by internal and external reviews, and improved efficiency through standardisation and automation. Furthermore, we have built and integrated analytics solutions into our audits to improve client insights and enhance value creation.

”Reimagine Audit is about sustaining the best quality, pursuing the best clients, and being the best version of ourselves. Always.”

Henrik Wellejus, Audit & Assurance Leader

A people business

This year, we have established Assurance Offerings and Dynamic Offerings with a new catalogue of service offerings and strong market traction. We have also increased the use of delivery centres to automate parts of the audit process and thereby increase efficiency and quality. Consequently, we have attracted and built new competencies and kept a strong focus on talent and leadership development. We have also taken our first steps towards implementing our new business model – one that rewards value creation and quality delivered over performed hours. Our ambition is for our people to be the best version of themselves – not the most.

Our culture is defined by passion for our clients, for personal and professional development, and for working as a team, while always encouraging authenticity and diversity of thought. Amidst COVID-19, our people demonstrated perseverance and teamwork, while making a significant societal impact by advising institutions and clients on the economic aid packages. As trusted advisers to the public interest, we take responsibility for strengthening the resilience of the Danish business community through the provision of financial advisory and transparency, so that society can emerge from the crisis as best it can.

Reimagine Audit

As uncertainties arise across the globe, our purpose of building trust in the public and capital markets remains rock-solid. We aim to redefine trust in the digital age – and our people are key to our success. Every day, our audit professionals drive this paradigm shift by igniting a culture of innovation, creativity and deep industry knowledge.

The old image of a dusty accounting profession is being put to shame. We are paving and leading the way for an exciting future for audit and assurance – it’s a new era, and we aspire to define it.

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Audit & Assurance – powered by humans

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